Local moving mistakes you don’t have to make

Many people underestimate local moves. However, they can be quite a challenge. If you are moving for the first time locally, there are a lot of ways you can make local moving mistakes. From small ones that might just cause delays in your schedule to big ones that will leave you filled with stress and maybe even end up costing you. The best moving companies NYC understand that the goal of every move should be to arrive at your destination safely and efficiently. This is exactly why reading this article is a must before you embark on the journey of your local move.

Planning can help you avoid most local moving mistakes

The first mistake in any type of move is not planning everything and starting late. Leaving everything up to chance will undoubtedly lead to many accidents, other mistakes, and a lot of stress. Since moves are complex and require a lot of effort, planning every step is important. Now, we are not saying that planning everything up to the tiniest detail will ensure nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately, you can’t plan for everything. However, without proper planning, moves can go awry quite quickly.

A person planning a move writing in a notebook
Properly planning your move is the way not to make the most common local moving mistakes

When planning your local move to avoid moving mistakes, there are a couple of things you should pay more attention to. Firstly, giving yourself enough time to do the planning is the crucial thing here. Doing anything last minute, let alone a move is a sure way to have a frustrating move, even if you are hiring local movers New York. So, what are the things you should plan for?

  1. Make plans for changing your address
  2. Plan your new home layout
  3. Contact movers and set a moving date
  4. Taking enough time to pack everything properly

Not packing the right way

It is always hard to say that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. But when it comes to packing, that statement can indeed apply. A lot of moving mistakes people make are, in some way or the other, related to packing. As we said previously, planning enough time to pack properly is a crucial tactic to avoid packing mistakes. That means not leaving packing for the last minute and not dedicating enough time to do it the right way. Additionally, if you have furniture, the best option is to hire furniture movers New York.

While you can use many different moving techniques, there are a few things you absolutely must do when packing for a local move to avoid common pitfalls. Firstly, have a packing plan. Whether it is room by room or by the type of item you are packing. The plan itself doesn’t matter as much as sticking to it to streamline your packing process. When packing, it is also important to have either an inventory list so that you know everything you own and where it is packed.

Not using the proper materials

We established that packing the right way is important to avoid common mistakes when moving locally. In that context, there are a few more things you should pay attention to when packing. The first thing you should do when packing is to use the proper packing materials. While you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to buy them, buying everything cheap isn’t the best option either. Either way, whether cheap or expensive, getting quality packing supplies will go a long way to ensure the safe transport of all your belongings.

A couple packing their things
Packing materials can make or break the entire move, so be sure you choose only the best ones

This is even more important if you are packing specialty items for which you might consider getting moving service NYC. If you are moving a piano or a pool table or any piece of furniture that may require special attention, moving it yourself can be risky. And moving it yourself without quality packing supplies? It can be a guaranteed failure. So, using low-quality packing supplies, whether it’s cardboard boxes, packing tape, or even blankets, will surely affect your entire move and jeopardize your belongings.

Other local moving mistakes when it comes to packing

Of course, being that packing is the central part of any move, no surprise that there are even more local moving mistakes you can make during this stage. This time there are two things you should avoid: overstuffing the boxes and not labeling your boxes clearly. The first mistake is the obvious one. Overstuffing your boxes will not only increase the chances of something getting broken or damaged, but it will also make the whole moving that much harder. Carrying full and heavy boxes isn’t easy, even in a local New York City move. So, your stuff might not be the only thing that may end up damaged. You can also endanger and hurt yourself by moving those boxes in the process.

A woman in front of a moving van with boxes labeled fragile
Putting the right labels will ensure all of your belonging arrive safely and in one piece

Not labeling your boxes will make a move much more chaotic. Firstly, you shouldn’t avoid putting fragile labels on boxes that have easily breakable, like glass or even plastic. Secondly, not marking your boxes according to their destination is the key thing that will make the unpacking process so much harder on you. Not knowing the box’s contents will surely leave you procrastinating the unpacking. And once you even get yourself to unpack everything, it will take you long before you figure out what goes where.

A final thought on local moving mistakes

Local moves are not that different than long-distance moves. The baseline process is the same; the only thing that differs is the distance traveled. Because of that, you should not underestimate your local move and its complexity. Hopefully, this guide helped you avoid some of the most common local moving mistakes. Lastly, be sure not to avoid asking for help when you need it – from friends or professionals.