International moving 101

People move to a different country for various reasons. It can be a work opportunity, or a wish to experience something new, or to learn a new language. And sometimes, you simply need a fresh start. Whatever the reason is, there are some things you need to do. The first item on your agenda should be easy and cost-effective move abroad. Reliable moving companies, such as One Moving and Logistics Brazil, can make sure that your belongings reach their destination safely. And in order to help you with your move, we have gathered you some international moving 101.

International moving with your family can be really easy

Ins and outs of international moving

The most difficult part about international moving is making a decision. Now, all that you have to deal with is organizational issues and the logistics of moving to a new country. The best way to plan an international move is to do just that – plan! Without sufficient preliminary planning, your move will surely hit some of the obstacles. For example, you need to contact utility companies to close existing accounts and transfer them out of your name. You must contact your bank to make sure that you have access to your accounts abroad. And you, most likely, want to say goodbye to friends and family. As well as to make sure that you have all the contact details so that you can stay in touch.

The choice of the right furniture movers

Regardless of how many times you may have moved home earlier, there are no two times that are the same. Choosing the right furniture movers can be one of the best decisions you make. Ideally, if you find a company with an international presence in your new country of residence, it will be easier for you if you encounter any changes at the last minute.

There are also other things that you might need to move, besides your furniture. On the Internet you can find plenty of information, for example – what’s to know if transporting your car overseas. The Internet is a great place that will never let you do anything without some tips.

Organization – the key to success

It is impossible to emphasize how important it is that the content that you send is marked in categories. And the order that you want them to be placed in your new home. Clearly labeled and well-packed items that are “room specific” will save you a lot of energy. And not to mention the frustration after your movers leave and you begin to unpack all the boxes.

Organizing of international moving
Organization is a key to success

Tide up the loose ends

From pets to payments, any long-distance move, such as international moving, will require a checklist. You will need to make sure that everything is finalized, and there is nothing left of your name that can continue to charge you money. And, obviously, time is also crucial. You surely do not want to spend the night in an empty house. And you will not like living in your new country of residence without your furniture and property. So, make sure that your travel dates are in order so that you can look forward to your new adventure with a sense of excitement and satisfaction.

How to safely pack the goods for your international move

When it comes to choosing basic materials for packing your household, there are a few simple rules:

  1. Always insist on using strong boxes to pack fragile items
  2. Make sure there is an additional tape at the bottom of the box to prevent opening when lifting
  3. Wrap all fragile items individually in packing paper
  4. To secure your belongings during the international moving, use corrugated boxes that you can close shut
  5. Plan to use a lot of strong packing tape, labels and markers to clearly identify the contents placed in different boxes
  6. Try using old newspapers, plastic or bubble wraps to fill empty spaces in boxes

You have to handle various household items in different ways to ensure that they are securely fastened and can easily move. You can find all kinds of goods for the house, differing in shapes, sizes and weights.

Investing time and effort by creating an international moving checklist also helps to ease the whole process. It is good to contact international moving companies and seek information from their knowledge database.

Here are also some recommendations for packing some of the common household items:


Do not forget to unplug all electronics
  • You should unplug refrigerators 24 hours before loading, as they need to drain excess water and ice
  • Tape the inner table in the microwave so that it does not move inward and does not break the glass door
  • Read the instructions for use of all devices for any special instructions
  • Double pack electronics with glass screens so that they do not break


  • Pack fragile bone china and ceramic dishes in bubble wrap
  • Wrap glass containers and sharp cutlery with additional packaging
  • In order to to prevent grinding and breaking, place paper between all the cups and dishes
  • Wrap the kitchen utensils and cutlery together in tight bundles and a wrap before putting in boxes
  • Wrap wine glasses, vases and crystal pieces twice with paper and bubble wrap

Small Furniture

  • Ensure that you have completely covered the edges to prevent chipping
  • Do not forget to protect the surface to prevent scratches
  • This furniture is likely to be on a double pile in a truck and container so you need to protect all surfaces well

Other items

  • You can pack books in corrugated boxes. Do not overload large boxes, as books are heavy. Pack in several small boxes
  • Use large bags for packing clothes and shoes
  • When packing photo frames, place wrapping paper between several frames
  • Fine arts, pianos and musical instruments have unique requirements for packaging – consult your service provider

Remember that international moving is a three-stage process

  1. Making sure that you or a professional moving team have carefully packed all your goods
  2. Moving these items from the house to your new place
  3. Careful unpacking of goods upon arrival at a new destination.

Reliable moving company will be able to perform all of those stages problem-free. You just need to look for them, and then evaluate moving companies you found. That way, you will be sure that your international moving will be easy and without stress.

International moving
And your new life can begin!