Insider tips for an easy summer move in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a wonderful area to live in, with dynamic neighborhoods, excellent amenities, and easy access to Manhattan. And all that without high Manhattan prices. If you have chosen summer for your move, it is understandable. Most people work throughout every other part of the year. Cons of moving during summer include traffic jams which can cause delays. On the other hand, the pros include having more time. There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to when moving, especially in summer. You have to make a plan, pack, take care of things at your old home, and prepare everything in your new house. Most importantly, you have to find some of the best moving companies Brooklyn and hire them on time. It may seem like a lot, but don’t worry. With our tips, your summer move in Brooklyn will be finished quickly and efficiently.

Pack your belongings on time

Preparation is crucial, whether you’ve planned the move a month or a week ahead of time. It would be ideal if you could pack everything at least a week before. Of course, it is only possible if you have been planning your move for a long time. If this option is not possible, you have to be packed and prepared at least a day before your summer move in Brooklyn.

Avoid choosing the hottest day for your summer move in Brooklyn

Imagine your residential movers Brooklyn showing up on time, and you are still packing boxes and organizing your things. It would be inconvenient for everyone, but especially for you, because it would result in delays and additional costs. So, as we said, it is crucial to have everything ready before the movers come. If you do this, your relocation will go without any obstacles and you and the moving company will finish it in a few hours, probably. With everything prepared, you will be at peace, and you won’t be stressed out.

Choose the day of your summer move in Brooklyn wisely

Before even start making plans and packing, check the long-term weather forecast for Brooklyn. To begin, double-check the weather prediction for the day of the move. Avoid the hottest summer days. Moving on the warmest day of the year will just complicate the situation. During a heat wave, you and the movers won’t be able to work, because you will be too exhausted. This is why it’s crucial to plan ahead and hire some reliable moving services Brooklyn. The objective should be to finish the relocation before noon. Of course, you have to take into consideration a few hours to spare. You never know what unplanned obstacles can come your way. After all, you still have to unpack. When it comes to moving in Brooklyn in summer, movers tend to come early, nevertheless. If that is not possible, you can always choose another day together.

Avoid the busiest days

Weekends are, of course, the busiest days for movers. So, if there is even the slightest possibility to avoid Friday or Saturday when moving, do so. Summer moves in Brooklyn during weekdays are a much better option. Here’s why:

  • It is easier to find movers. There are more of them available.
  • Moving quotes Brooklyn will probably be lower than during the weekends.
  • Because there will be less traffic, the relocation will be quicker.

If you work during summer, take at least one day off from work. It may seem like a sacrifice, but trust us, it’s not. Packing during the weekend, and especially relocating will consume all your time and energy. Avoid that and choose a weekday for your summer relocation.

A woman and a man drinking water smiling
Stay hydrated during your summer relocation in Brooklyn

Always have drinks near you during summer relocation in Brooklyn

Staying hydrated during summer is something that is a must even in normal conditions. When you are doing a physical job such as moving, it is even more important to drink a lot of water or any other refreshing drinks. On the day of the move, before your movers come, prepare an essentials bag. You can put some light food in there, but a lot of bottles of water are crucial. You are probably going to sweat a lot, and your movers even more. They will have to move heavy boxes and furniture. You don’t want any of you collapsing in the middle of the street. If you start breathing heavily, just splash yourself with a bit of water. Staying hydrated will make your move go smoothly.

Take care of your kids

It would be easiest to leave the kids out of the moving process. This is especially the case if they are younger, and especially on a moving day. Of course, their health is important, so if you want to avoid them getting sunstroke, it is good to leave them with a babysitter or with your cousins. However, as much as the moving process stresses you out, it is also emotionally difficult for your children. They mustn’t feel excluded. So, let them pack some of their favorite things. Let them carry a box with their most important toys on a moving day. It cannot do them harm, but they will feel useful and enthusiastic.

Mum and two kids packing boxes
Involve your kids in the summer move process

Decide what to do with your pets

When it comes to pets, you should keep in mind that they may not cope well with the stress of relocation. They will see that something is happening. There will be a lot of people moving and taking things. They will find themselves in a completely unfamiliar situation. Pets tend to become aggressive when scared, or they can get overly excited. So, the possible solutions are to put them in a daycare, hire a sitter for the pets, or have your cousins look after them for a day. You want to avoid your movers stumbling over a cat, or a dog running around the house ruining things at all costs.

For the end

It may seem like a lot, but a summer move in Brooklyn is a piece of cake if you follow our tips. Remember to pack everything on time. Hire reliable movers. Avoid the hottest and the busiest days. Take care of your pets, and include the kids in the process. And stay hydrated!