How to unpack in a day after moving

After you’ve moved to your new house, you’ll need time, commitment, and a good system for successful unpacking.  We as experienced Brooklyn Movers would like to help you with this. Most people will seek help because moving and unpacking are the two most stressful things you’ll have to deal with. Many individuals hate the hardship of packing, transferring, and unpacking all of their stuff without breaking anything. If the moving procedure goes smoothly, you should be able to unpack completely within a day. Also, you’ll need one extra day to decorate your new home. We’ve prepared the fastest methods on how to unpack in a day after moving. So let’s see what can you do, and let’s dive in!

Unpack in a day after moving by planning it ahead

We as residential movers New York would like to tell you that the key is good planning, like in most things that we do. So when it comes to fast unpacking you’ll have to think about packing way in advance, while you’re still in your old home. Let’s see what you should do:

  • Make an inventory so you’ll know what’s in each box
  • Label and  color code moving boxes (e.g., blue for bathroom, red for kitchen)
  • Put all of your necessities for the first day into one box
  • Put pillows, blankets, and sheets together so you can have a bed for the first night
Mom holding a tape with a dispenser and daughter holding bubble wrap, in a room full of boxes;
Packing is one of the most important tasks in the whole moving process. So if you pack properly, you’ll have no problem with unpacking.

As you can see you must plan where will each box go. Also, keep in mind that what you put in the truck first will get out last. So for example, if you want to unpack the guest room last you’ll have those boxes first. On the other hand, if you want to unpack the bathroom first, those boxes will go in the truck last. You should also tell movers to put the boxes in appropriate rooms, that’s why labeling is important.

Unpack bathroom and bedroom a day after moving

We as local movers New York would advise you to tell movers in advance to unload bathroom items first if it’s possible. Since you’ll probably have to use it yourself or maybe some of them. Now we don’t mean that you should unpack every little detail from all of your things, but having a clean towel, soap, and toilet paper would be perfect. Now if you don’t have a lot of things or if you’ve packed them tightly and well organized your inventory even for the biggest bathrooms unpacking won’t be a problem. Also, remember the saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone“.

Now comes the second needed need place in the house, the bedroom. After you’ve taken a shower you’ll want to get into your cozy pajamas and have a good night’s sleep, so assemble a bed. Nobody wants to suffer from sleep deprivation since it’s the main cause of heart disease and heart attack.  You should assemble the furniture and move the biggest pieces into desired places. Put your clothes into closets and drawers, but don’t get obsessed with decorating details, you’ll do that tomorrow. If you have kids unpack and assemble their furniture and put their clothes in wardrobes as well.

A man and a woman sitting in their bedroom looking at a list, thinking about how to unpack in a day after moving;
First, you should unpack the two most important rooms, your bathroom, and bedroom. A hot shower and a good night’s sleep are necessities.

Unpacking kitchen and living room

When it comes to unpacking the kitchen, a lot of people disagree on when should this be done. Since the kitchen has a lot of compartments, glasses, and utensils as well as other kitchen items. The first thing you should know is exactly where will everything go before unpacking starts. To make your life easier use sticky notes and write on them where will what go, that way you’ll be finished in no time. As you can see unpacking a kitchen can be hard in some parts and time-consuming if you can’t figure out what to put where. But on the other hand, if you have a perfect idea of where will all of your things go, you’ll have no problem with unpacking and organizing. If you have too many things you can always think about self storage New York.

Okay, you’re at the end of your path, you’ve just got this room and a guest room (if you have one). So take a deep breath you’ve completed the most difficult rooms, now it’s time for the living room. Now if you find going through books, movies, photo albums and other precious belongings too distracting do unpack this room last.  We can provide you with many moving service NYC but we can’t help you with the melancholy of good old memories while unpacking. Now extra tip is that you can use your guest room as temporary storage for boxes labeled as “other” if you don’t know where you’ll put some things. So when it comes to the guest room, unpack it just like your bedroom.

Family unboxing items in a kitchen;
Making in inventory, especially of kitchen items is of paramount importance. You should use sticky notes on cabinets to be sure where you’ll put all of your items.

Unpacking is complete

After you’ve unpacked all of your things tomorrow is decoration day. This isn’t mandatory, some experts say that you should leave it for some time until you start decorating, so it’s totally up to you. Do it as you feel! We hope that this article helped you. This was our how to unpack in a day after moving tutorial, and we hope that you liked it! If you have any additional moving issues look around our blog section, you’ll find all the answers that you need there.  Have a great move!