How to Successfully Move The Piano in Brooklyn

If you are thinking to move the piano in Brooklyn by yourself, I would recommend reading this article first. Not only that you will save a lot of nerves, but you will not spend a fortune on reparation. However, you aren’t the first who thinks that a couple of DIY online tutorials can prepare you for a such undertake. There is nothing DIY when it comes to the piano moving. Actually, I know a guy who tried it once. Now he is dwelling Brooklyn streets with serious back pain. In other words, if you are not a professional piano mover, leave it to the people who are.

Why hire Professionals to Move the Piano in Brooklyn?

Moving the piano is challenging task. It requires planning, special tools, safety precautions, and a lot of experience. Firstly, they weight more than 1,000 pounds, and it is not same as power-lifting at the gym. Furthermore, piano’s gentle finishes are extremely sensitive to dents and scratches.

But, just for the purpose of discussion, let’s say that you decide to move the piano in Brooklyn by yourself. You will call a couple of strong friends, wrap it with a bunch of bubble wrap and make a day of it. But as neither of you has any experience, there is a big chance that you will drop the piano. Now you have broken piano, lying one the Brooklyn street, you are under big stress and you will have to pay more for reparation than you would pay to some of the NYC moving services.

Given these points, I would suggest closing all “move the piano DIY” tabs and focus your research towards finding professional assistance.

If you want to move the piano in Brooklyn, always hire professional moving company.
Never try to move the piano by yourself. There are plenty professional moving companies that will meet your requirements

Find Suitable Moving Company in Brooklyn

Now that you made an appropriate decision, it is time to find a reliable company that will move the piano in Brooklyn without consequences. This is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous companies on the market promising to move your precious piano in no time. But you need to be extremely careful, as there are a lot of fraudulent movers that you want to avoid.

Moving companies with the reputation have special courses and training for their employees when it comes to piano moving. You should always ask to see certification list or contact of the previous customer to hear his experience. Respectable moving companies are transparent and they do not have anything to hide.

Price range

I understand that you are not willing to spend a fortune to move the piano in Brooklyn. And you do not need to. You can find safe and cheap moving companies in NYC. But the price of the service should never be the only factor in making this decision. As you probably already know, an exceptionally low price can be a hook of a potential scam. Or maybe it can lead to the poor service quality.

Be smart and do not be greedy. Define the limit you will not cross, and try to negotiate. But do not push it too hard. It is always better to pay few extra bucks and be assured that your piano will be safe and sound.

Insurance and Licences

Look at it this way – you hurt your back trying to move the piano by yourself. Fortunately, you have your health insurance and you want to use it. You need someone to check on you and give you therapy. But you’ll not go to the local massage studio in order to do that. You want to visit a licensed medical doctor. Hence, we can agree that insurance and licenses are important.

So, if you want to move the piano in Brooklyn, you’ll need a company that has both insurance and license. Insurance is your guardian angel. Even the best can make mistake. You can take all precautions and still have an unfortunate case of events. But,  if your movers are insured, you can sleep tight, because any potential damage will be fully covered.

The best way to avoid moving scam is to hire fully licensed moving company. The fastest and safest path of checking if the company is licensed is to ask for their U.S. Department of Transportation number. If they have it – you do not need to investigate further. Companies registered at USDOT will never allow any kind of scam or fraud as it can terminate their businesses for good.

Make an extensive research in order to find the best company that will move the piano in Brooklyn.
A reliable moving company is insured and licensed. Keep that in mind if you want to avoid frauds

Let’s summarize

To put it briefly, there are several things you will need to do in order to safely move the piano in Brooklyn:

  1. Do not try to do it yourself – trying to move the piano in Brooklyn using DIY tutorials, you are risking damages and serious health problems
  2. Look for reputable and reliable moving company – there are plenty moving companies on the market. Choose wisely whom you will entrust the task.
  3. Ask for piano moving training certificate – moving companies with an extensive experience train their employees for the piano moving. Be free to ask a proof that this training has been done before you choose the company for moving your precious piano.
  4. Do not be guided by the price – cheap does not necessarily mean a good deal. Exceptionally low prices may be cover for the potential scam or just lead to the poor service quality.
  5. Make sure moving company has insurance – accidents happen all the time. Even to the best. Make sure that moving company has insurance that will cover any potential hazardous moves.
  6. Ask for the USDOT number – double-check licenses. If the company is lacking a USDOT number, you should probably avoid it.
  7. Avoid fraudulent movers – look for online reviews and check company’s portfolio. An extensive experience will result in satisfied customers stories which can help you in your decision.