How to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope

Packing and storing your valuables is another moving task. There are various ways to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope. You will want to make sure that valuable items are well-protected. That means storing them in a safe place within your house or putting them in protected storage units. There are various options, and when choosing the single best one, it’s crucial to consider all the factors. You’ll want to think about the items’ size, weight, what kind of environment they need to be in, their value, and so on. To make your decision easier, New York Movers provides tips for storing your valuables when moving to Park Slope!

Questions to ask yourself before settling on the best option

Asking yourself some questions about your belongings can help you determine where to store them. While many would recommend something like a home safe, you might not need it in some situations. Safes cannot store big art pieces, and putting one singular necklace in a storage unit is not the best option either. Before opting between storage units and your home, Park Slope movers suggest considering the following:

  • How often will you need the items? For example, if you’re storing jewelry you don’t wear, it’d be appropriate to store it outside your home. On the other hand, if you often use it, it’d be best to keep it inside your home.
  • How valuable are the items? Depending on that, you will be able to decide how much safety you will require.
  • If you’re keeping them at your house, are you often away? If yes, that would probably mean you should store them somewhere else.
A bunch of coins
When looking at ways to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope, choose something that is both safe and acceptable money-wise.

Various options you might want to consider and research about

If you’re storing some important documents you don’t need but want to keep safe and secure, it would be best to store them in a bank vault. Those will usually cost some money, but that’s your best option. If you have an expensive necklace you often wear, you should keep it in your house’s safe. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as accessible as other options. That is why you should consider each valuable’s shape, size, material, and importance before you finally store your valuables when moving to Park Slope.

Some of the bad options for valuables

People often think putting a lock on something is a way to keep it safe. While that might be true, if you’re storing something quite valuable, regular locks aren’t good enough. They can be easily broken, just like zip locks or any kind of box. While these options will keep your valuables safe from your children, any thief will know better. That’s why it’s important to put money into better protection instead of relying on alternative solutions. You can’t overspend when it comes to the safety of the belongings you plan on storing when moving to Park Slope. Because of that, most people will install alarm systems and put some money into something to secure their most prized possessions. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just hire local movers New York, you’ll need to put some money into enhanced security, as well.

A regular lock
You shouldn’t rely on regular locks when wanting to keep anything safe.

Good options you should consider as a way to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope

Some companies will keep your valuables, while also providing full insurance in case anything goes bad. You probably won’t need insurance for a lot of things. However, if you own something expensive or rare, that’s your best bet. Moreover, there are climate controlled storage Brooklyn based companies that are an amazing option if you plan on storing sensitive valuables such as art pieces. You might decide to store valuables such as paintings since they’ll require a climate-controlled environment to avoid any possible damage.

You’ll want to keep in mind the level of security a specific option provides. For example, when keeping your valuables in a bank, most banks will keep a copy of a key. That means that someone can potentially access your box. While that’s extremely rare to happen, do keep in mind such small details. Moreover, also be aware of the history of a specific company you’re hiring for secure storage. You don’t want anyone who had their security compromised in the past.

Deciding what is the best way to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope

As you’ve seen, there are a lot of good and bad options when thinking about how to store your items. Neither option is good or bad since it depends on what you need. Depending on what you perceive to be ‘valuable’, you’ll have plenty of options. However, do all of the decision-making before hiring any moving company. You’ll most likely do just alright with a locked drawer and a security box. However, that still does not provide the best safety.

An expensive pendant
Expensive jewelry is a great example of something you should keep secure at all times.

You’ll need to decide how valuable your items are. From there you will need to decide how to store your valuables when moving to Park Slope. You can pay a significant amount of money if you want top-notch security or even insurance. Similarly, you’ll still pay a lot of money even if getting a house safe. Although it might seem like a lot, it is a really good investment to make. After packing and storing your valuables, all that is left is relocating to your new home in Park Slope!