How to Store Your Television

The central part of most living rooms is usually the TV. Families gather around it, watch sports, support their favorite teams, and enjoy the company. It is definitely an important factor in everyone’s life. As technology advances, so do TVs. Starting with a large black and white box, we have come to flat-screen smart TVs on the largest scale. But what to do with an old TV when you get a new one? Find out how to store your television in case you bought a new one or just have a spare TV.

When it comes to storing things, you won’t go wrong if you rent storage Brooklyn. Great place to store your TV until new use. Either decide to use it again or have it in reserve if a new one breaks down. Storage is always the best option. It’s safe, and it doesn’t make your home crowded!

Store your television in storages
Storage is always a great option

You are probably wondering how to properly store your television? To avoid common mistakes when storing a TV, follow our tips:

  • Use the original box
  • Save the cables
  • Always put it upright
  • Pick climate controlled storage

If, in addition to television, you have other things to put in storage, you can always contact Brooklyn movers, to do it for you. They know the best ways to store everything in your storage. Packing a television for long-term storage is not a big problem, but with our advice, you will do it in a blink of an eye!

When you store your television, take care to use the original box!

It would be best to have the original TV box stored somewhere. That is always a box of the appropriate size and shape. It would not be bad to still have styrofoam guards and protective foil in which the TV was packed in the box. If you do not have the original box, of course, you can take moving boxes NYC from a  moving company. In addition to the box, it is important that the TV is well wrapped in foil. Be sure to dust it off and then wrap it in styrofoam foil. Make sure each part is packed. You can line the box with some nylon or a large bag.

Cardboard box, tape and scissors
Always look for an original box

Save all the television cables

It can take years from putting the TV in storage to the moment the TV is reused. So it would be good to put all the cables in a bag and stick the bag to the box from the TV. This way, packing for a move will be easy and organized. It’s a great idea to take a picture of where each cable goes before packing the TV. That way, you’ll be reassembling the TV for new use in no time.

When you store your television, always put it upright!

Whether inside or outside the box, you must keep the TV upright. That’s the only way to store your television safely for sure. Don’t put it on the screen! Not even aside. If you turn it this way, both the TV and the parts inside the TV may be damaged.

 Use climate-controlled storage

There are many things that require climate controlled storage and one of them is definitely the television. To make sure your TV is protected while it is in storage, you need to rent this type of storage. Climate-controlled storage is a kind of storage that implies maintaining a normal temperature and prevention of moisture. Your TV will remain in the same condition as before you stored it. All electronics inside it will remain dry and protected.

Close up thermometer
Use climate-controlled storage to save your media devices

To make sure your spare television is stored safely, follow these tips. You will certainly not have any problems and you will be able to use the TV for many years to come. Make sure you follow the basic principles and you will store your television properly and easily!