How to store a pool table

Are you a happy owner of one of the most fun items to have in your home? If you have a pool table then you can confess this item is the reason for having fun with your friends and family members so many times. Although playing games and practicing tricks on the pool table makes you feel happy and relaxed, sometimes you might have certain issues with your precious pool table. Unluckily, pool tables are among the heaviest items you can have. This fact makes them extremely hard to move across the room, home, or to relocate. So, when you want to relocate or store a pool table out of your home you may be concerned. Luckily, our pool table movers Brooklyn are here at your disposal. Ensure the safety of your pool table and take professional help. Also, take advice on storing your pool table in storage.

What to know when you have to store a pool table

Remodeling, renovating, or need more space in your home? In this case, removing your pool table can be the right step. There are so many reasons why you might need to move or store a pool table. For instance, if you are moving to a new home where you will not have a large living room or a game room, you might need to store your pool table in a storage Brooklyn. Whether you need to store your pool table short-term or long-term, you will have to make sure to do it properly.

Store a pool table properly.
Find a storage unit where you can store a pool table properly.

If you store a pool table improperly, you are taking a risk of damages. Since permanent damages on the felt, slate, and frame of the pool table are the last thing you want, do your best to avoid them. Try out our tips below and move and store your pool table trouble-free.

Essential tips you should follow

There are so many different brands of pool table which means they may have different steps for disassembling. So, one of the first things you need to do according to our professional movers Brooklyn is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. After you do it, here are some common steps to take:

  • Make sure to remove the pockets. If you want to disassemble the pool table you need to remove the table pockets by taking out the staples or screws holding them in.
  •  The next step, disengage the table rails by sliding them out slowly. Prepare moving blankets for safe keeping and place the rails onto them.
  • Be careful when you have to remove the felt. Pull out the staples holding the felt in place. Carefully fold the felt up and make sure to put it into a bag to avoid damages.
  • Use a power drill to remove all bolts and screws and then lift it up and remove the slate. Never perform lifting out the slate without help because slates can weigh up to 800 pounds.
Pool table
Take enough time to prepare your pool table for moving and storing.

Protect each piece of your pool table

After you finish disassembling, make sure to wrap up the large pieces in their moving blankets. And then you should conduct individual protection of each rail, slate, leg, and frame by wrapping. Make sure to purchase proper packing supplies from Amazon and enlist as much help as you need. In the end, when you need to store a pool table, you have to be cautious when placing its parts on the moving truck. So, be careful while you are loading the table onto the moving truck.