How to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn?

So you have decided to relocate! And there is planning, packing, and organizing. There are all sorts of preparation and moving. And you need to get everything from your current house to your new home. Of course, a major role in planning your move is choosing a legitimate and respectable moving company to aid you. However, there are many companies that are scams. The question is do you know that your moving company is the right one? The relocation itself is very demanding. So it is easy to get caught up in false promises that moving companies or deceptive operators offer. Protect yourself so that your moving experience will be a successful one. That’s why it is crucial to inform yourself in advance and spot a moving scam in Brooklyn.

How can you avoid being defrauded?

Firstly, you should know that there are laws. And legitimate moving companies must abide by. For instance, licensed interstate movers are obliged by law to stick to certain regulations. And standards as well. So that their practice can make them more reliable and accountable. You should know that Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration marks suspicious movers. In order to prevent them from taking advantage of customers. Hence it is always advisable to inform yourself. You can also compare different moving services in Brooklyn. So that you will get a bigger picture.

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Always make sure to inform yourself in order to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn

How to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn?

While you are moving, you are also dealing with a lot of stress. Thus, the last thing you want to worry about is a moving scam. It doesn’t matter if you need a local move or an interstate move. You should always hire legitimate movers. Here we have listed the most common moving scam indicators:

  • Wrong estimate
  • Demand down payment
  • Several names
  • Hidden fees

Wrong estimate

Firstly, when a moving company should give you a moving estimate. Most moving companies tend to send a representative to your home. In order to estimate in-home. However, you will notice that some movers, will offer you an over-the-phone estimate. And that is a scam! It is an attempt to scam you without assessing your belongings in your home. Hence, the final bill will be significantly higher than the original estimate. Because they have simply guessed at the proportion of your belongings. There are many ways to deal with fraudulent companies in Brooklyn.

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A bad estimate is the first way to spot a scam

Down payment is one way to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn

The right moving company will ask you to pay for the moving services after your belongings have been delivered to your new home. If a mover asks that you pay a large deposit, don’t do it! These people could take the deposit and run away. And never show on your moving day.

Several names

Suspicious moving companies tend to change the names of their company. That’s how they get poor ratings. When you decide to hire a moving company, always make sure that they are licensed and insured to do business. There are many additional ways to find out if a moving company is legitimate or not. Be sure to spot a moving scam in Brooklyn on time and avoid any problems.