How To Safely Pack Artwork for a Move

Artwork still represents one of the best ways to express ourselves. Because of that, as well as the effort put into it, artwork often has a very high value. Now, some artwork has sentimental, while others have more of a financial value. Regardless of what value your artwork poses for you, in today’s article we help you safely pack artwork for a move. From hiring moving companies Brooklyn to ensuring you have all the packing supplies ready, we are going to talk about all the important steps that you need to take. Relocations are stressful as they are, not ensuring the safety of the art you love can increase the stress levels. Later, this can reflect on the entire process. After all, we all want a positive relocation experience, right? Therefore, to ensure that happens, we have to do everything we can to organize and control the moving process.

Everything you should do to safely pack artwork for a move

Ultimately, it should not matter if the artwork you value is more of a decorative piece, your own creation, or someone else’s. All that should matter is that you see value in it. Whatever that value is, it will help you think about the safety of those items while you are moving. Therefore, make sure that you do not disregard the safety of your artwork before moving. To help you do this properly, we are going to talk about what you should use to pack them, how to pack them, and ways to handle and transport them. Essentially, if you are someone without experience in moving such items, you can always rely on moving service NYC. Moreover, if you truly value your art, but are not sure how to protect it; Hiring a professional moving company might pose the best solution. Most importantly, this helps with the entire process.

The packing supplies you will need

  • Styrofoam and cardboard corner edges
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts
  • Glassine paper
  • Cardboard boxes or wooden crates
  • Packing tape and labels
a woman applying packing paper as a way to depict how to safely pack artwork for a move
Packing supplies are the most vital part of the overall safety of your artwork

These are some of the essential packing supplies you should have by your side. Moreover, they will help you ensure the safety of your artwork the best. Make sure that you go and acquire them on time. Hiring residential movers Brooklyn can also allow you to hire packing services from the moving company. Aside from helping your pack your items, professional movers can also provide you with adequate packing supplies. Most importantly, to allow yourself to have a piece of mind while moving; Start as early as possible, so you can do everything slowly. On the other hand, starting early will allow you to buy more supplies, in case you need them. Remember, obtaining the right packing supplies and equipment will be the best way to ensure the safety of your artwork.

Devote time to each individual art piece

Never pack artwork together. Instead, make sure that you have enough time to devote an equal amount of attention o each individual art piece. Packing several pieces of art together will not only impose the risk of damage; It will also allow you to “slack” and not fully protect the artwork. Hence, it is crucial that you know you do not have to rush the process and devote equal attention to each piece.

a couple making room on the floor to start packing their artwork
If you want to safely pack your artwork for a move, you will have to make sure that each art piece has adequate protection

Moreover, as you do one artwork at a time, you make sure that your attention does not stray. Essentially, you ensure that you are focused on the artwork in front of you and nothing else. When able to do that, you will always try to do the best you can to protect them. On the other hand, it is not enough to place bubble wrap around the artwork. You will have to do it layer by layer.

The process you have to go through to safely pack artwork for a move

If you are moving artwork that has glass, make sure you tape an X across it. The tape will prevent the glass from shattering. Next, if moving unframed artwork, use glassine paper to protect the art. Reinforce it with packing tape, but make sure that the tape does not touch the canvas or artwork in any way. Glassine is both water and grease-proof, so it will protect your artwork very well.

a couple consulting about how they should approach the packing process of artwork
It is very important that you take every precautionary step while packing artwork

The next step is to wrap your artwork in bubble wrap. Again, use tape to reinforce the wrap. Once you complete that, place a corner protector on each corner of the artwork. Finally, use bubble wrap again to ensure that everything is safe. Before long distance movers Brooklyn arrive, place packing paper in between the art pieces inside the cardboard box. This will prevent shock damage. Finally, label the box to ensure safe handling.

Hire a professional moving company to help you

Hiring a moving company might seem expensive. However, if we compare it to the expense of potentially broken items, it does not seem so expensive. Because you are aiming to safely pack artwork for a move, you understand the value risk of the process. Therefore, it is better to leave this to someone that has the experience and adequate knowledge. Whether you are moving to the city of New York from New Jersey, or you are moving across the country; professional moving companies can help you ensure the safety of the items you move. Finally, the more expensive or sentimental the artwork is, the more the reason for you to hire a moving company should be. After all, the ultimate goal of this is to ensure that the artwork arrives intact.