How to reuse leftover packing materials

You had a successful move and you unpacked like a pro. Your new home is slowly shaping up into a beautiful place from your dreams. But the huge pile of packing materials generated in the process is a real eyesore. You need to get rid of it. Throwing away is a basic solution. But what if we tell you that there are better ways to reuse leftover packing materials? This article will provide a few tips and tricks on how to do it right.

Most efficient ways to reuse leftover packing materials

There are a variety of packing materials used. Most of them are reusable but some are of no good and it should be discarded. For example, packing tape and Styrofoam. The tape is for one use only, because it will lose its bonding power after removed from the box. And Styrofoam has nasty chemicals inside and it should be recycled. Keep this in mind when you reuse leftover packing materials. Next on the list is bubble wrap, a cracking cloud from heaven. This one can be reused for the same purposes. But in most situations that is not the case. Popping bubble wrap is too much fun to be left alone.

Bubble wrap is one more packing material that you can reuse
Bubble wrap- cracking cloud from heaven

Also, packing paper is the most common reusable item. If folded properly, it will wait for next time you are in need. And the last one in the process of decluttering home after moving, are moving boxes. Stack them nicely and store in the dry place. The attic or garage should do the trick.

What to do with all those boxes?

Once your move is done, you’ll have a bunch of boxes of all shapes and size. Furthermore, boxes take a lot of space even when they are folded. So, one clever way to use your boxes is to store your seasonal items or decorations inside. The garage, attic, and a storage unit if you have one are the ideal places. Just be sure that it is the dark and dry environment. You want to avoid the damage caused by mold and humidity. Secondly, you can donate your boxes to a local shelter or gift them to friends and family. Lastly, there is always an option of recycling. Clearly, a very useful way to reuse leftover packing materials.

A moving box is always useful

Check with your neighbors, friends, and coworkers if anyone needs a box or two. Invest a bit of your time and ask around. Boxes are always useful and many people need them. Some will make artistic crafts and others will use them for storing or the moving of their own. This is a portion of the moving service that you’ll provide to someone for free. Or in the end, you can use them yourself for the already mentioned. An artistic soul in you can reuse leftover packing materials wisely. For example, decorate the box exterior with a bit of paint. Put bubble wrap on the inside and cover with a blanket. Strengthen sides of the box with the tape and voila, you have a custom-made bed for your pet.

Moving boxes are the most reusable packing material
Boxes can be reused in many different ways

Cash in your moving boxes

As long as your boxes are in good shape, they are still valuable and can be sold. Moving companies are always in need of moving boxes and they will buy them from you. Check a few moving companies in your area and give them a call. Make a visit and drop off what you have. Moving industry is making a full circle from production, consumption, and recycling. They will use your boxes for the next relocation on their list.

Usually, moving companies will pay for 50c up to $2 buck for each box, depending on the quality and condition. Also, if you have a few boxes only, it’s not worth it, set them aside until you accumulate more overtime. It is easy money that will reduce your moving budget for a hundred bucks or so. A profitable way to reuse leftover packing materials. If this whole process is confusing for you, then simply sell your boxes online or on your next garage sale.

Counting money
Earn some money from selling packing material

Moving services just for you

One more lucrative way to handle your leftovers is not to have them at all. Yes, you can hire a moving company that provides packing and unpacking services. Of course, your moving budget will dictate if you can afford it or not. But moving companies will provide great offers in terms of moving services. Usually, it comes cheaper if you are already booking a move with a certain company. So, add to the bundle the packing process as well and do not think of packing supplies at all. Addition to that, we can even recommend one of the best local moving companies. Check out the 5 Star Movers one of the best local moving companies. They provide services of highest standards that will leave you with the smile on your face. Give it a try.

Reuse leftover packing materials and have fun with it

Whole unpacking process can be stressful and tiresome, but a few days of fun and games as well. Engage in fun activities with your family by creating various items from your packing materials. As we mentioned before, bubble wrap is a popping splendor for kids and grown-ups alike. Also, you can make cardboard puzzle games and decorations. Or a dollhouse for a girl, and a fort for a boy. And if you have pets, make a house, litter box or a maze where they can play. Use your imagination, we are sure you’ll find the best ways to entertain while unpacking.

Cardboard toys
Use your imaginations, make cardboard toys for your kids

We provided a few ideas on how to reuse leftover packing materials. Now it is up to you to pick and choose what would be the best option for you. Hopefully, your moving in will be peaceful and clutter-free. Good luck.