How to reduce expenses of a long distance move

When we decide to relocate, probably the most common problem is the size of the moving budget. And almost everyone has this problem at some point. Whether you do not know how much to set aside or simply do not have enough. Covering packing and working with one of the moving companies Brooklyn can hurt your budget easily if you do not know how the whole thing works. So, today we will help you to dedicate the appropriate budget and reduce expenses of a long distance move at the same time. Let’s take a look.

Steps you must take to reduce expenses of a long distance move

If you want to dedicate the right moving budget and keep your expenses in check, you must realize the moving price. And you will do it once you talk to your movers and let them provide a moving quote. But before you can even talk to residential movers Brooklyn, you must realize the complexity of your moving project. Not only that, you need all the basic info and your movers. All in order to create a cheaper moving service package and a safer relocation in general. So, start by inspecting the entire home and checking out all the belongings and furniture you possess. Also, you should inspect the environment to be sure it is a safe place to work in.

a couple creating a moving checklist
Inspect your furniture and your belongings to know how much you must invest in packing and moving services.

Once you are done with the evaluation, list everything down on the inventory and the moving checklists. These are the basic requirements if you want to have a better insight into your relocation. And of course, the goal is to obtain a precise moving quote and to set the appropriate moving price. From there, you can move forward and appoint the proper moving budget. More importantly, you’ll figure out all the opportunities where you can reduce the moving cost.

Affordable movers can help you reduce expenses of a long distance move

Another way to reduce the moving cost is to choose affordable long distance movers Brooklyn. Yes, it seems like an impossible task to do, but you can easily find one. If you know where to look for them, that is. So, begin this journey on the internet and browse all moving-related content you can find. Check external blog posts, social media groups, and of course, mover’s websites.

Read moving reviews, compare prices, and read more about moving service NYC. After an hour or two, you will have all the knowledge necessary to find yourself a good moving company. Once you find them, give them a call and ask a few mandatory questions. You want to know if your movers are licensed and if they possess all the tools, equipment, and knowledge to relocate you safely. And in this case, affordably. Hence, do not forget to negotiate a better price. Movers will surely give you a discount or a free service if possible. Of course, perks will be better the larger and more complex your relocation is.

What is the size of your moving budget?

Ok, now you have the basic info about your relocation and a good moving company waiting in line. The next step is to prepare your moving budget. Create a list with all the expenses and crunch the numbers to reach the proximate moving price. Your list should contain the costs related to the following:

  • Moving services
  • Packing process
  • Moving insurance
  • Moving-related responsibilities, chores, and errands you must cover before relocating
  • Unexpected costs
money in the pocket
Realize the size of your moving budget as soon as possible so you can afford all necessary moving services.

If you do the math correctly, you will know where you can reduce expenses of a long distance move and where you should invest more. Usually, you can add a moving service that will make your relocation easier and safer. Or you can decide to keep it safe as it can be and save money on unnecessary services and spending.

Downsizing can be a lifesaver

There is a way to save a lot of money when relocating. Yes, we are talking about the forever famous decluttering process. If you downsize before moving, you will save money, energy, and time, and your relocation will be much easier. Actually, you are investing only your time here to have a safer and more affordable relocation. So, inspect your entire home, and before you start packing, set aside all items you do not need anymore. Those can be broken electronics, old furniture, outgrown clothing, etc. And we are sure you have quite a bit in your garage, attic, or basement. As do we all.

So, gather those items and sell them online or at the garage sale. You can even earn a pretty penny if you have quite a few items to display. Or you can donate to a local charity organization or a local church. Maybe you can recycle if there is a recycling facility nearby. Lastly, you can give them away or throw them in the garbage. Do whatever you like just to make sure you discard them properly. Do this one right, and you’ll spend fewer packing materials and working hours and pay less for the service. A triple-win situation and an amazing way to reduce expenses of a long distance move.

Cheap moving supplies might be the answer

We all know that packing is notoriously boring, expensive, and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be if you know where to find cheap moving materials. The first solution is to purchase everything from your moving company. Movers can provide free or cheap packing materials if you negotiate a bit. Or they can toss in free moving supplies just because you have already spent enough on the various moving services. And your movers can even provide a complete packing service with all packing materials necessary already included.

reusable packing supplies can reduce expenses of a long distance move
Find cheap and reusable packing materials online, and you’ll save quite a bit.

The other way to secure cheap packing supplies is to buy them on Craigslist. Or any online platform for that matter. You can find one of the moving-related groups on Facebook and ask people for reusable packing supplies. We are sure there is someone out there who can spare a few cardboard boxes. Lastly, you can purchase all the materials online either from the moving company or from a hardware store. Your local depot surely has everything you need. All you must do is chase down a few discount coupons or find a store that is currently selling reusable packing supplies.

When is your moving date?

The last tip of the day is to book your movers at the right time. As you may know, there is a peak and non-peak season for the moving industry. Peak season is 30% more expensive and tightly booked. It is along the spring and summer period, while the non-peak season stretches through autumn and winter. So, if you are not in a hurry and you can choose the exact moving date, aim for the non-peak season. Moreover, movers will provide the best offers and discounts during the non-peak season. They want to keep their customers simply because there are fewer relocations across the board. Therefore, seize the opportunity if possible and move over the colder months.

This is it. Now you know how to reduce expenses of a long distance move. And remember, decluttering is something where you can save a lot while making your relocation ten times easier. Good luck.