How to redecorate your new Fort Greene home

One of the most famous neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Fort Greene is an amazing place to call home. Known for its picturesque, low-rise houses and tree lines, the only place where chocolate flowed in the streets when a chocolate factory burned down. Once home to Walt Whitman, today a place you call home. To make it feel more homely and comfortable, you might want to redecorate your new Fort Greene home. Once your Brooklyn movers have brought all your belongings and  you have settled in, you are ready to start planning that redecoration, and who better to help you in that process.

How to start to redecorate your new Fort Greene home

The first step in redecorating is always getting the idea of what you want your new Fort Greene home to look like.  You should decide first if you want to redecorate the entire home or do some finishing touches after moving. You can get some inspiration and ideas on website dedicated to interior design, Pinterest and even magazines. To help you visualize your ideas creating a mood board should be your first step. Mood boards will help you plan and create a color scheme and have a general idea of how you want to redecorate.

Color schemes to redecorate your new Fort Greene home
Color schemes and mood boards will help you visualize the way you want to redecorate your new Fort Greene home

If you live alone, you can do this whole planning process on your own. However, if you live with someone else, such as roommates or family, you should plan accordingly. Check with all other people who live in the house to see what are their ideas also. This goes especially for common rooms like the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Doing an inventory

If you recently did a long distance move, then your stuff may not have arrived yet. To know what you want to keep and what you want to throw away you should do some sort of inventory. But to do so, you have to wait for long distance movers Brooklyn to bring all of your things. After you have all your stuff unpacked, you should do an inventory of what goes where in your new home. Decide on what you can use to redecorate your new Fort Greene home, and what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Throw away, donate or rework

If you were successful at the previous stage, you will surely have stuff that no longer fit in your new home when redecorating. At this stage, you will have to decide if you want to throw away those items, donate them or give them new life with some ideas on how to rework them. This might have been good to do during the packing part of your move, but you can do it after getting packing services Brooklyn as they do the packing for you.

A man staining wood furniture
Before you throw away any furniture that doesn’t fit in, see if you can give it new life with a DIY project

There are a vast amount of DIY projects that you can follow to remake the items to fit into your redecorated home. You can use a simple coat of paint to change the color to fit your new color scheme. And you can do this to mirrors, walls, frames and even furniture. DIY option is especially great if you want to stick to your budget to redecorate your new Fort Greene home may not allow you to buy everything from your wish list.

Creating a redecorating budget

If you hired Fort Greene movers, your finances may have taken a hit. Once you moved in and settled, you should do a quick check of your finances and see how much of your plan is actually doable. Planning is great, but the follow through depends on your finances. When budgeting, you should do something of a market research to see how much it will cost you to buy the items you plan on buying and see if your budget can handle that. Of course, if you find that something is over your budget, you can always use a little bit of creativity to redo some piece to fit in with your redecorating idea.

Calculator, pen and a budget line
Be sure to budget all your redecoration plans

Shopping to redecorate your new Fort Greene home

It would be best if you made a plan and prioritize everything you want to spend money on to redecorate your new Fort Greene home. When shopping for your decorations you should keep in mind some things, not only your budget. Keep in mind the functionality and measurements as well as the fixtures items in your home like molding, trims cabinets. Start with larger pieces and accents and then do the details after that.

Create a floor plan

Now that you have the idea and the budget to redecorate your New Fort Greene home you can start experimenting with what your floor plan and the furniture you plan on saving. This will help you stick to your budget. If you are a pro you can use software like AutoCAD. However, if you are not, you can use apps on Google or Apple store that will do this work for you. All you have to do is put in the measurements and play around with your floor plan. If that seems like too much work, you can always try drawing a floor plan with a simple pen and paper.

Some final tips

Starting slowly, going room by room will help you in not getting overwhelmed. We recommend not skipping any steps in this short guide on how to redecorate your new Fort Greene home. Finally when shopping and planning, pick items that you feel reflect your personality and the way you think your house should feel. After all, you-re the one that is going to live in your new home. Have fun and good luck.