How to protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn

Moving is a necessary, and often an exciting process. But, when it comes to relocating bulky objects like pool tables, things get complicated quickly. Scratches, dents, and peeled paint are a common occurrence, especially in DIY moves. Don’t fret, because we at Brooklyn Movers New York will show you how to protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn.

Learn how to protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn

While pool tables are fun, they are a real hassle to relocate. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might even get injured and end up in the hospital. So, what can you do to make sure your pool table arrives at the destination in pristine condition? According to pool table movers NY, there are many ways to keep your pool table intact, including:

  • Don’t skip the planning process
  • Get help from your loved ones
  • Utilize the measuring tape
  • Disassemble your pool table
  • Pack the pool table parts securely
  • Use specialized moving tools
  • The best way to protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn is to call the professionals
Balls on a pool table.
Playing pool is a lot of fun, but relocating a pool table is a real challenge.

Plan your pool table relocation thoroughly

Don’t avoid this step, as it’s crucial in more ways than one. If you do your research and plan in advance, the chances of accidents fall significantly. Furthermore, disassembling and relocating a pool table takes a lot of time. If you’re moving your whole apartment you might find it overwhelming, especially if the time is of the essence. Set up the moving date in advance, and hire any help that you’re going to need. Start the process early, and the whole process will be much less stressful.

Get your friends and family to help you

It’s very risky to relocate a pool table alone, so acquiring more pairs of hands should be your top priority. Whether you need to lift the table or disassemble it, the whole thing will be done more effectively and quickly. Some of your friends might have the required know-how and experience, others will have the strength to carry the table. There’s work for everyone, just make sure everyone is safe to minimize the risk of a broken toe, finger, or sprained back. This can be a fun bonding experience for everyone.

Measure the narrow passages in your home

One important step that most people forget when trying to relocate their pool table safely is to measure all chokepoints. You should measure the stairways, hallways, doorways, and every other obstacle in advance to make sure the table can fit through them. If it can’t fit the only option is to disassemble it, which admittedly is the more time-consuming way. Another good use of a measuring tape is to see if the table fits nicely into the place you first dedicated to it. Relocating the table to your new home only to find the space too small would be tragic.

Disassemble the pool table

Damage often happens when the pool table is being moved through a doorway, stairs, or an elevator. Once you measure them, you might realize that narrow passages in your old and new home prove too big of a challenge to overcome. Therefore, one of the safest ways to transport your pool table and do so without scratching is to disassemble it. That way, even a single person can finish the job of loading it onto a truck and unloading it with ease. Once you get to your new home, just reassemble everything and the fun can begin!

Man putting tape on a box.
Packing pool table parts correctly will further protect them.

Use high-quality packing supplies

To make sure absolutely nothing gets damaged, Fort Greene movers suggest using only the strongest boxes and adding lots of cushioning. Use foam or newspapers to tightly fit table pool legs and other parts into boxes, as this will help them stay put during transport. When you use cheap supplies or don’t use the boxes of the right size, things might fall over once the truck hits a pothole. You’ll also need tape, scissors, and sharpies to label everything. You can buy packing supplies in most stores, often for cheap.

Borrow some specialized equipment

Utility dollies are some of the most useful tools to have at your disposal when moving in general. They allow you to pull a stack of boxes in this case containing pool table parts, without breaking a sweat. Pair it with some floor protectors to make sure your floor stays intact too. If you don’t have a spare dolly laying around, make use of moving blankets, hand trucks, etc.

If specialized equipment is nowhere to be found, you can use some improvised tools. Ropes or even towels make for effective tools when lifting a pool table, as they make it safer and easier to carry around. However, if you’re doing the move alone and don’t have any help, the use of specialized tools is highly recommended.

Hire a moving company

No matter how you put it, the bulletproof way to save your pool table from damage when relocating to Brooklyn is to hire movers. They have the experience, manpower, tools, and knowledge. They know how to safely handle anything, pack and load in the most optimal way, and more. According to local movers Brooklyn NY, most movers are also insured, so if anything happens to your pool table, you will get compensated.

Professional movers help protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn.
Professional movers help protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn.


Now, you should have a firm grasp on how to protect your pool table from damage when moving in Brooklyn. Follow these simple tips, and you will overcome this challenge. If you need further assistance, we advise you to contact long distance movers Brooklyn. They will try their best to make your relocation a special and exciting experience, and save your pool table from scratches! Visit our website and get a free moving quote!