How to Protect Leather Furniture During a Move

Although leather furniture gives a special vibe to your interior, it requires care. It’s not usually recommended for people with pets, because they are famous for their love of this kind of item. When it comes to moving, there is a need for packing every single thing in your home. Furniture is definitely in the first place because of its size. All those big and heavy items are going to be placed in the moving truck first, so they must be secured enough. Leather furniture itself requires additional time for packing, especially because it can be extremely expensive. This is the tricky part, but it doesn’t need to be impossible. Before starting to pack and thinking about how to protect leather furniture during a move, ask local movers Brooklyn NY for help. Then you can start packing.

Ways to protect leather furniture during a move

The first step in packing leather furniture is protection. Your primary goal is to keep it safe and prevent any scratches and even small damages. Our advice is to get everything you might need, such as scissors, tape, and plastic wrap, and put them all into a small box you can easily carry around. You can find materials for packing online or in any store that sells DIY supplies. Of course, you can also consult Brooklyn Movers New York for useful advice on packing stuff for relocation. But, if you decide that this is your project, you’ll start doing it this way:


One of the first things you need to do is a detailed cleaning of your leather furniture. Dirt and dust buildup can affect the leather quality and lead to easy cracking. Start with gently wiping every inch of your furniture with a dry cloth. It will help to remove all the dirt from the surface. If you prefer, you can vacuum that area, but carefully because some vacuum cleaners are quite strong and can damage your favorite sofa. Then use warm water and moisturizing soap to remove all the stains that are visible especially if your furniture is white. Use a circular motion to clean the sofa. You’ll surely see the difference right away. Buff it in the end and that was the first thing you have to do to protect leather furniture during a move.

Warm water and brush.
Gently clean all your leather items.


We know that people usually forget to maintain leather furniture and nobody is blaming you. Still, you need to know that conditioned leather is less likely to show scratches and damage on the surface. The benefit of leather conditioners is that they are used to protect this material at low temperatures too. If you decide to follow this step, use the conditioner as described on the package. It takes time, so you can do this step and apply it while you’re packing boxes. This will surely take some time to soak and you can still be productive. After the treatment, use a dry cloth and wipe off the excess product. If you need some help, remember that Fort Greene movers are at your service.

Wrap your leather furniture

If you decided to move during winter, you need to wrap your furniture. Use padded blankets to wrap the leather pieces and secure them with tape. The crucial thing is to ensure it won’t come off during transport. Plastic sheeting is the next step that has to cover the surface and add to the safety of your items during the moving process. It helps those blankets stay in place, which means your items will be safe even if it rains outside. It’s quite hard to do this alone, so calling some friends could be helpful. We almost forgot to say that you have to double-check if your furniture is dry before packing. If you are planning to wash your furniture, do it a few days earlier. Also, slipcovers will be useful if you have them, but you’ll definitely need an extra pair of hands there.

Leather seats.
Be careful with packing and don’t place the tape directly on the surface.

Don’t put heavy items on top

When you’re moving, the whole point is to finally place all the boxes and furniture together in the truck. Some moving companies don’t look after your leather item as much as they should. This usually results in damages, stains, or scratches. We think it’s important to find someone who is professional and willing to help you and respect your wishes. That’s why you should contact long distance movers Brooklyn. They’ll surely take care of your belongings during transport. Number one is avoiding heavy boxes on top of these items. In order to protect leather furniture during a move, all kinds of heavy items that can possibly deform leather should be put on the floor of the van.

Ask for help

Do not attempt to do everything alone. We know that you can do it, but it will take more time, and chances of damage are possible. All you need to do is to contact professionals like pool table movers NY. Friends and family will surely want to help you with lifting and moving leather furniture. We don’t recommend you to lift such heavy items by yourself. To prevent damage, make sure to measure the width and height of the stairway if you have to move your sofa through that area. Never drag across the floor. Sounds like the easiest way, but it can end up with your sofa badly scuffed.

Leather surface.
After cleaning and packing, your leather furniture is ready for a move.

Hire professionals

For all those people who don’t want to stress about the ways to protect leather furniture during a move, the solution is to find an excellent company. This will give you more time to think about exploring your new Brooklyn neighborhood. When looking for a company, just try to find responsible movers that will understand all your wishes and take care of those pricy items properly. Packing in the truck and taking them out of your home should be their part of the job. Still, you would probably want to play a role in this process and at least prepare the furniture for the move. When you do the cleaning and wrapping, your work is over. You can finally sit in your car and drive to your new location, and your leather sofa will wait for you there.