How to prepare your items for storage

Moving from one home to another? Need extra space inside your home? There is no better solution than renting a storage unit. Unquestionably, there are many reasons for renting storage beside the upcoming move. Not only can it save you some space but it can also make your home pretty organized. If you need to store your items in the storage unit while you move to a new home, you need to learn how to do it efficiently. That is why our moving experts from Brooklyn Movers New York decided to share simple advice. Even if you only want to organize your belongings, you will find these tips and tricks to prepare your items for storage useful. From creating an inventory list to safeguarding items from the damages, there are many tasks to do. So here are useful tips for sorting and preparing your items for storage.

Plan how to prepare your items for storage

As you know, the right information and knowledge can save us time sometimes. Inventory lists and detailed schedules are crucial while preparing your items for storage. Even if you are renting the best storage Brooklyn, learn to prepare your items for storing as easy as possible. Moreover, you need to make a general plan of how you will place the boxes and furniture inside your storage unit. For this reason, it is wise to make an inventory and to-do lists. But before you start planning how to prepare your items for storage, you should keep in mind some of the following simple rules.

Make a reminder to label your boxes clearly.

Don’t skip decluttering and cleaning

Rule number one is to don’t forget your storage unit is not a place where you should throw the junk. Accordingly to this rule, consider decluttering your home firstly. Decluttering before packing is a way to cut moving costs. There are many ways to getting rid of items you don’t use anymore such as donating, selling and more. Remember to recycle while decluttering. Rule number two is to avoid storing dirty and dusty items inside storage units. As well as that, take time and clean and vacuum all belongings you are going to pack and store. We can recommend you to wipe down all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaning spray, vacuuming couch, and chair cushions, as well as cleaning appliances with disinfectant wipes.

prepare your items for storage
Prepare the required supplies and get ready for cleaning.

Before you start to prepare your items for storage, consider storage restrictions

First and foremost, be sure to research what can and can’t be stored inside your storage unit. Your homework is to research storage restrictions before you start preparing your items for some of the storage units in New York City. You should know that the storage facility should provide you with a list of restricted items. But in case they don’t give you any information about restrictions, make sure to ask them for all the rules and regulations. Here are a few examples of what most likely can’t be stored inside the storage units and it includes dangerous items such as gasoline, narcotics, fertilizers, paint, chemicals, fireworks, explosives, etc. Is there anything flammable you planning to store inside storage? Unfortunately, it probably can’t be placed inside a storage unit. Also, don’t forget you shouldn’t pack for storage any of the perishable food, medicines, and plants.