How To Prepare a Piano for Moving

Playing the piano is an amazing way to relax after a long day. When you just take a look at your precious instrument, you recall many memories. So when you’re changing your address, you want to bring your piano along with you.┬áMoving all your belongings includes a giant, bulky, and heavy piano. What you need to do in both cases is to get the help of experienced piano movers Brooklyn has. They will know how to prepare a piano for moving in a proper way.

Prepare a piano for moving

Although everyone loves doing big tasks themselves, when you own a piano this is not recommendable. Even if that means that you will miss an opportunity to save some money, better do not take responsibility for such a task. Our professional movers Brooklyn advise you to get professional help for moving a piano. If you prepare your piano for moving in an improper way, you are taking risk of destroying your precious instrument. So, make sure to avoid troubles and conduct piano relocation smoothly.

Prepare a piano for moving
You don’t want to face damages, so prepare a piano for moving.

Reasons to hire piano movers

Pianos are awkward and heavy, but also quite valuable. You don’t want to spend a fortune to repair your damaged piano after moving. Depending on the type of piano you have, you will need to disassemble it or not. Disassembling may require knowledge and caution. Moving upright piano? Or moving a grand piano? Even if you don’t have to disassembly your piano, their legs and feet can be fragile, so you are going to need a few extra hands to help. If you have to move your piano over the hardwood floor, you need to do it without scratching it.

Piano in apartment
It is not easy to pack all your possession.

For all these reasons we recommend you to have a well-trained moving specialist by your side. So, contact us today and tell us about your needs. There is no doubt, it is the best way to ensure the safety of your precious instrument. Professionals who had move pianos every day will know what supplies and techniques to use.

Moving a piano requires proper equipment

Here is the list of supplies and equipment you will need:

  • Having pads and moving blankets is required. It will both protect the outer finish and the delicate internal pieces.
  • Packing tape is a great way to secure the pads and blankets all around the piano. But be careful and avoid traces of tape on gentle wooden surfaces.
  • Once the blankets are in the right place, plastic wrap will give additional support and protection.
  • These special piano dollies have four wheels, which is perfect for moving an upright piano.
  • If you are moving a grand piano, a piano skid board will help tremendously.
  • Strapping is the final item that will secure your piano to the dolly or skid board and prevent it from falling off.

If you are moving your entire household and your move is urgent, you may want to prepare a piano for moving by yourself. In this case, make sure to purchase all these supplies from Amazon to ensure the safety of your piano.