How to plan a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn

Spooky time is coming soon! One of the most popular and favorite holidays, Halloween, is on its way! All the trick-or-treating, wearing the spookiest costume, eating candy – sounds wonderful and fun. But even on this day, we need to take some precautions. The COVID pandemic is still on the large, so we need to find ways to plan a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn. Here at Brooklyn Movers New York, we understand how important it is to have fun with your family, in these challenging times. Take a look at some of the tips we have prepared for you.

Celebrating Halloween

This is a holiday that we celebrate each year on October 31st, and this year it falls on a Sunday. Halloween in the United States has been celebrated since the 1840s and has changed greatly over time. The point of this holiday today is to spend quality time with your family and friends. People organize parties for children and adults. They even dress up their pets. It is the one time in the year when wearing a scary or any other kind of mask is desirable. Children usually go trick-or-treating with their parents.

three children sitting in front of a tippy in Halloween costumes
Celebrating Halloween is always fun

Getting ready for a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn

We have all been through a lot last year when the COVID pandemic arrived in the United States. Since the vaccines for this virus have arrived, we were all able to breathe a little easier. But it is still not time to completely relax. Even though there is a potential threat out there, it is important to let the children know that everything can continue as before. Just slightly changed. It is important for adults too. For everyone’s psychological well-being.

Here are some activities that should be avoided during this year’s trick-or-treating:

  • indoor costume parties with a lot of people attending
  • indoor haunted houses (unless you can keep social distance)
  • hayrides with people you do not live with
  • attending indoor parties without wearing masks (not the Halloween ones).

You can figure out which activities are going to be safe based on the type of neighborhood you live in.

How to plan a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn

However, things you can do to have a fun and safe COVID Halloween are numerous. The first and the most important thing is to get vaccinated. If you still have not been fully vaccinated, make sure you always wear a protective mask underneath the Halloween one. Organize a scavenger hunt with your family members. You can hide Halloween-themed items your family members have to find. Hide them inside or around your house. If you are planning a Halloween movie night, try having it outside. If the weather is nice enough, host a movie night in your backyard, while maintaining distance. Make sure all of the parents, or your friends, bring their own food. Whether you do it with your children or friends, organize a Halloween costume photo shoot. But if you are doing it with someone that does not live in your home, have an online fashion show.

two Jack-o-lanterns
Make sure you plan a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn

Bring out your creativity

Turn on your creativity button, and plan some more safe activities because this is the new stage in the history of Halloween. Think of more ideas on how to plan a safe COVID Halloween in Brooklyn. You can make a plan with your family or friends. Just keep in mind the recommendations from CDC, and you will be safe. Have a fun Halloween!