How to plan a long-distance corporate relocation

Making a big move such as moving your office from one part of the country to another is very difficult to process. Without knowing how to plan for a long-distance corporate relocation it might seem even more of a big task. There are several motives to make a big corporate move. A bigger profit is always a powerful drive to make such a move. With such a huge move you need movers and who better to check out than long distance movers New York to do the job for you? To make this transition go smoothly here are some tips on how to plan it.

How to plan ahead for a long-distance corporate relocation

Such a big decision as moving your office needs to be well planned. For your plan to be completely successful take time to plan well every detail. The best time to make your move is the offseason. Which in moving terms means avoiding summertime at all costs. The best time to move is during spring or autumn. Winter is also a time when Brooklyn movers are available but hazardous weather conditions could be a problem.

Discussion about how to plan a long-distance corporate move to the new office
You need to plan carefully every step of your move

Hire professional movers

Choosing a reputable moving company for such a feat is a must. And where better to have a look than commercial movers Brooklyn to find your perfect company. With reputable companies having available numerous resources to ease your move, it will be a painless process.

Announce the move

Rumors of an office move can be stressful for the employees. So be as quick as you can to finally announce the big news. Tell them about the new location and get them excited about the new office. They will be the ones that will help you pack so be open to them. Also, you should give the IT department the task to plan out the relocation of the company’s computers and servers. Even if the movers can do it, for the safety of your business data it’s best to do such a job with your coworkers.

Employees talking about the office move
Get the people excited for the big office move

How to pack for a long-distance corporate relocation

When hiring professionals movers, most of them won’t pack your items or will charge extra for the packing service. Chances are you will have to pack yourself. You should start small by giving everybody assignments to pack up their desks. This is also the perfect time to declutter the office and get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore. By doing so you will not only clear up space in your old office but also you’ll make sure your new office is clean. Make sure your moving boxes are labeled. you don’t want anything missing after the long-distance move.

Moving to the new office is a big deal. Especially if it’s a long-distance move. Your best choice is to plan a long-distance corporate relocation properly and use professional movers. Check the Better Business Bureau for more information on the company you would choose. Make sure to notify everybody and try to make this hard task into a great bonding experience for the whole company.