How To Pack Your Shoes Ahead Of The Gowanus Move

It’s not always easy to get about when you’re wearing shoes. Bulky, variously shaped, and frequently filthy, they’re a common sight (pun intended). In any case, your shoes will not be accompanying you to your next residence on their own. Shoes are as easy to pack as any other articles in your wardrobe. It just requires a little creativity and patience. Using these tips, you’ll be able to pack your shoes ahead of the Gowanus move. You can also think about hiring Gowanus movers to help you move. They are sure to have some fun tips on how best to pack.

Throw out shoes that you don’t wear

You probably have a few pairs of shoes that you haven’t worn in a while sitting in your closet. Putting them in a box before your Brooklyn movers arrive is unnecessary. Take advantage of the relocation to throw out any shoes you don’t need and won’t wear in your new place. If you’re not sure where to give your gently worn shoes, find a charity like Goodwill or another charity that might be able to use them. Don’t just toss them away if they’re not in excellent shape; instead, recycle them correctly.

tips on how to Pack Your Shoes Ahead Of The Gowanus Move
Think if you actually want to pack shoes that are worn out

Stuff your shoes with socks before packing

Stuff a rolled-up couple of socks into the toe of your shoes to keep them from losing their form while you’re moving. On occasion, you may choose to wear a second pair of socks on the heel of your shoe. This trick not only prevents them from being broken in transportation, but it also packs your socks. Already packed your sock drawer after reading this article? You might as well use plastic wrap or packing paper (be sure to clean it) to fill your shoes. This is very important to do when packing your shoes ahead of the Gowanus move. If you don’t want your shoes all squished, be sure to do this.

Pack the pairs you like individually

Even though you don’t give a damn if your worn-in shoes get scuffed up in the transfer, you should give a second thought to transporting your pricey heels. Protect your most prized possessions by putting them in discrete boxes and securing them with packing paper. There’s no need to worry if you didn’t keep the shoe boxes. Use tiny plastic containers or inexpensive multi-packs of cardboard shoe boxes.

new pair of shoes
Your new or favorite pair should go in its own box when you pack your shoes ahead of the Gowanus move

Tie sneakers together with their shoelaces

When packing sneakers, that you are likely to toss in a box or similar container, make sure to tie the laces of each shoe together to prevent them from falling apart. When you need a new pair of shoes but haven’t yet unpacked all of your belongings, you won’t have to search through the pile to locate a match. This will help you pack your shoes ahead of the Gowanus move. It will be easier to transport them and faster to pack and unpack. This is especially useful when working with local movers Brooklyn NY. They are sure to be grateful for your awesome packing. It will speed up your move tremendously.

Pack the most essential pair in a box of their own

As long as you have your go-tos, you won’t need the rest of your shoes right immediately, so they aren’t usually the first to be unpacked. In any case, you should make sure that you can easily access two or three crucial pairs. So that you can readily reach for it while unpacking. Even though you’ll most likely be moving around in sneakers, have a few pairs of shoes you can quickly slip on and off, in case you need to run to the vehicle, some shoes you can wear with a week’s worth of work clothes. And a few pairs of shoes you can grab for a nice dinner or other occasions.

Pack shoes for other seasons separately

Talking about out-of-season footwear, there’s no need to waste time unpacking them when there’s so much more pressing business to attend to. Sort out stuff like boots and comfy slippers if you are relocating in the summer. Set aside a box for sandals and flip-flops if you’re relocating during the winter. To ensure that your shoes arrive at your new home in the best condition possible, label each box carefully, and don’t worry about forgetting to do so for weeks or even months. When moving long-distance while hiring long distance movers Brooklyn, maybe think in advance. Think what weather will be there when you move, and pack accordingly.

Make sure to use clean packing paper

When it comes to packaging other household objects, such as clothes and furniture, newspapers might serve as a suitable replacement for packing material. Even colorful tissue paper or discarded packing paper can leave stains that are quite hard or even impossible to remove later on from printed newspapers. To ensure that your shoes are safe, use only unopened packing paper to envelop and secure them. You can also use paper towels. This is also useful when using storage services. Keep your shoes smelling nice, even when they sit for a long time.

Teabags can keep your shoes fresh

So that any leftover smells may be released, let your shoes air out at room temperature for at least one night before putting them away. In the case of stinky shoes, you may put them in a cold place. like a freezer for a couple of minutes to get rid of any germs that may be lurking in them. Put new tea bags in your shoes to keep them fresh during the journey. To fill them, simply tuck them below the socks you’re using.

Teabags can keep your shoes have a fresh smell for longer

Heavy shoes go in first

If you’re transporting your shoes in boxes, some kind of plastic container, or even laundry baskets, be sure to place the weightiest and bulkiest pairs in the bottom of the container. The weight will be more evenly distributed, which will make it simpler to carry. You also run the danger of damaging the lighter shoes if you stack heavy ones on top of them.

Bubble wrap is better than plastic bags

Don’t put your shoes in a plastic bag since they’re so easy to rip. Instead, wrap your shoes in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is a lot more durable and provides a lot more security. Use it to protect other pairs of shoes from scuffs and smudges caused by filthy shoes, especially those with sharp heels or buckles. To avoid mold, ensure sure your shoes don’t have any moisture before wrapping them in plastic. We hope these tips helped you pack your shoes ahead of the Gowanus move.