How to pack your pantry before the move

No part of the move is as delicate as moving your pantry. It is the most complex part that requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. To help you figure out all the details before your move, we at Brooklyn movers made this guide for you. Read more to learn how to pack your pantry before the move and avoid any unpleasant situations.

There is an easy way to pack your pantry before the move

Of course, when packing food, time is crucial. You should start getting ready at least a month before your move to make sure you don’t throw away food. This means, if your pantry is well-stocked, you shouldn’t buy any more items you won’t use before the move. Buying food and adding items to your pantry before the move will just mean more for you to pack and carry.

An hourglass with brown sand
Packing is time-consuming, so starting on time will help you in being efficient and organized

One month before the move you shouldn’t buy any more food. You should also make sure you eat or use up anything that might be hard to transport or carry during the move. Moving food is especially hard not only because it’s hard to pack things safely so they don’t spill, but because they run a risk of going bad. Fluctuating and high temperatures are perfect for bacteria that spoil your food. So what should you do one month before the move? Clean out your fridge either by cooking the food you already have or by donating things you won’t use up. You should do the same with your items that are used to store or cook food.

 Check all the expiration dates

This is one of the most important things when packing your pantry before the move. You should go through all your canned goods and other items and check the date. If something is past the best-used date, it would be best to simply throw it out. You shouldn’t risk getting sick by eating food past its expiration date. Everything that’s still within that date should be safe to use. After you have checked the dates and gotten rid of any food that is past the expiration date, you can proceed to organize your items.

Juice, Lysol and other items to pack your pantry before the move
Make sure you use up any food before its expiration date in order to efficiently pack your pantry before the move

Organize all your foods into two piles – one should contain all the food you need before moving and the other everything that you won’t use before moving. This will help you start packing in time. You will be surprised how many things you don’t use, especially plastic containers or specialty items. Making sure you declutter your pantry by doing all these steps will help you pack more efficiently and can even save some time and stress.

Doing the actual packing of your pantry.

Of course, the next step after decluttering and organizing is actually packing. There are a few tips to make your packing more streamlined:

  • Use the right packing materials
  • Make sure you label everything
  • Go one step at a time

Using the right materials is really important when packing your pantry before the move, but more on that later. Making sure you label everything will help you during the move but especially when unpacking. Park Slope movers are professional movers and can help you with the packing and moving process to make sure your transition is as stress-free as possible. Going one step at a time will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed which is usual when packing your pantry before moving.

Using the right packing supplies

Packing supplies are the real stars of the show. The whole move depends on how well you pack, which is why you should make sure to pack your pantry before the move securely. If you are unsure about doing it yourself, you can always hire packing services Brooklyn. Depending on what you need, these professionals will help your belongings to arrive safely and securely. Moving delicate things like perishables or food is not only tricky when packing before the move. However, cleaning up food after spilling and breaking is an added stress you can avoid during unpacking also. To be sure nothing spills, you should fill all the empty spaces with some paper. Just beware not to pack it too tightly either.

A brown cardboard boxes on a table
Quality packing supplies are the most important thing in packing your pantry before the move

Make sure you use plastic containers for anything that can be spilled. For things that can be broken like glassware and dishes, you can use packing peanuts for boxes or bubble wrap. If you do not have those at your disposal, you can also use towels or any sort of fabric that can soften any eventual impact on the boxes and your belonging inside. Heavy items should go at the bottom of the box. You should also make sure all your boxes are sealed and labeled.

Saving up on space

We all know that when packing saving up on space is the ultimate goal. Whether you’re doing the whole move yourself or hiring local or long distance movers Brooklyn, saving on space makes your move easier and saves you money down the line. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should jeopardize any item and pack too many things into one cardboard box, but there are some ways to save on space One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to get creative when packing. If you pack half-empty containers you will be wasting space. What you should do is try to move any food to smaller containers to save on space. This goes especially for spice jars. They use up a lot of space, and if you need some extra space, you can put them in plastic bags and label them.

As with all moves, packing is always the hardest. Pantries are one of those parts of the house we rarely think about. You will end up wondering about and underestimating how many things you actually have. Hopefully, reading this blog will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed when about to pack your pantry before the move. And if packing still seems daunting, hiring professionals is the best option.