How to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn

When moving anywhere, the first thing that you’re interested in is to keep your stuff secure. You don’t want to see your belongings broken or damaged. And there’s no difference whether you’re moving long or short distance. But it does make a big difference if you’re moving to some affordable city, and when you’re moving to Brooklyn. I mean, Brooklyn is the NY borough. And NYC is a very expensive city. Therefore, be really careful when you’re about to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn. You want to take care because you don’t want to have extra expenses when you start your Brooklyn life. Start it gently and smooth, just like you probably planned!

Carefully pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn
Pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn carefully, so you could have your peace during the relocation.

Pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn so they don’t get damaged

The packing seems like the easiest thing in the world. Especially when there’s more than a month left to your Brooklyn moving day. But as the time goes by, there will be more and more obligations with the moving process. So you’ll have more and more job to do. So when the time comes to pack, you’ll be in a disastrous situation if you didn’t plan everything. Therefore, we suggest you plan and learn how to pack the dishes before the day of your migration to Brooklyn comes. Here’s what are you gonna need to do regarding that:

  • Get the packing stuff- The first important thing when you’re trying to properly pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn is to get the packing items and the packing material.
  • Learn how to properly pack fragile items- There are several ways of wrapping and packing your dishes in order not to break them while moving to Brooklyn.
  • Mark the boxes and warn professional mover of the fragile content- Let it be obvious what boxes contain the dishes, so the moving professionals would know how to handle them while conducting the transportation to yer Brooklyn home.

Packing stuff to keep your dishes safely packed during the Brooklyn move

Be cautious when you pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn
Wrap and pack your dishes with caution, so they wouldn’t get damaged during your relocation to Brooklyn

When thinking of how to get a proper material, we have a proposal to make. Get the second-hand packing items, such as packing boxes. It means to get those previously used, but still, firm enough boxes to be used again. That way you don’t lose the safety, but you’re saving money. Now, let’s see what packing stuff you need to secure before you start wrapping your dishes for relocation to Brooklyn:

  • Various boxes for the dishes- Get several different sizes when picking the boxes for dishes. You want to pack every dish into the box it perfectly fits, so it wouldn’t damage during the transportation to Brooklyn.
  • Wrapping material- Probably the best wrapping material to pack your dishes is the bubble wrap.
  • Packing tape and markers- You definitely want to secure your boxes containing the dishes from opening during the road to your Brooklyn home. You also want to mark the boxes for your Brooklyn move containing the dishes.
  • Alternatives for wrapping- Get several wrapping materials so you could use them to pack the dishes if you’re out of the material you prepared for that.

Different techniques for packing different kinds of dishes

More or less the concept is the same- wrap the dish so it doesn’t get in touch with each other. It’s as simple as that. But you need to do it as a pro so you would protect your dishes, especially those of great value, such as china. So while you may allow yourself to be sloppy with plates of no value, you’ll certainly want to be extra careful when it comes to valuable porcelain. So here are the ways to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn:

Technique I:

Put down the wrapping material, and put your plate in the centre of it. Wrap the material all around the plate by picking all 4 corners of the material and laying them onto the plate. Secure it by taping the top so it wouldn’t unwrap. You might use this technique to pack various dishes, from plates to vases. The only thing that should be different is the softness and the thickness of the wrapping material. Of course, you use the thicker and softer for more breakable items.

Technique II:

Use one of techniques to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn
There are many techniques fo packing the dishes, use one and save your items from damaging while being transported to Brooklyn

Cover the bottom of the box with the filling material (such as the blanket, towel etc).Put one dish inside(lay it horizontally). Cover it with the filling or the wrapping material. And put another dish on top of it. Repeat it until you reach the top of the box. Then, put another filling material after you put the last dish, and close the box taping it firmly. This helps your dishes stay unharmed even if you put another box on top of it.

Technique III:

This is a similar technique to the previous one, but a kind of different. Again cover the bottom of the box with blanket or towel. But now, you put your dishes vertically. Therefore, before you put your first plate, put the wrapping material, and then the plate. Repeat this step until you fill the box. Not forgetting to put another wrapping or filling material in the end, at the top, before you seal the box.

Marking the boxes and good communication are the key to securing the dishes packed for your Brooklyn move

After you did the harder part, don’t get careless. Finish the packing of your dishes making it visible to others where they are placed. You don’t want to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn and leave it unmarked. That way the workers from the moving company might not take care of it, and all of your efforts wouldn’t make sense. You’d end up with broken or damaged dishes. So mark all the boxes, writing the content onto it. Also particularly communicate to the moving staff what to be careful with, so your previously packed dishes could be transported in the right manner, without the possibility of breaking.

The most special tip we’re gonna give you is about the concentration. When trying to pack the dishes for moving to Brooklyn, stay focused from the beginning until the end of the packing process. Because, if you don’t, you’ll probably end up with a bunch of broken dishes. And especially pay attention at the end. Mark those boxes, it’s the easiest part, but the most important for the NYC moving company!