How to Pack a Treadmill

Living a healthy life with a regular daily routine is an excellent way to be fit and in shape constantly. For those who prefer home workouts, we’re sure that numerous pieces of equipment are necessary. Because of the busy way of life all people surely live nowadays, relying on treadmills and other gym accessories is more than expected. Still, that convenience can easily disappear when it comes to moving. How to pack a treadmill, the question is now? Packing and transporting this heavy machine could be a real problem. If you’re asking us, we would rather say not to panic, because there is always someone who can do all the work for you. Engaging furniture movers Brooklyn is a universal solution to all your problems.

Universal guide on how to pack a treadmill

Since we’re talking about bulky and quite heavy pieces of gym equipment, they indeed deserve special care. These items are usually pricy, so it won’t be great if they get damaged during the move. To prevent that situation, you can follow these steps to pack your treadmill correctly:


First of all, you have to clean your equipment. Some of the consequences of daily use are stains and dirt that stay on the surface. This way you’ll prevent bacteria and viruses in your new home. No matter the type of gym accessories, you should clean them regularly. Before you officially start, power everything off and unplug the machine. You can use a microfiber cloth or wipes to clean every inch of the machine. After that, use an antimicrobial cloth to sanitize it and kill the potential bacteria and fungi. If you don’t have much time and need a quicker option, disinfectant wipes and spray will do the job. Still, you have to wait until it’s completely dry to start packing.

Running on a treadmill.
Packing a treadmill can be tricky.


When you did the cleaning process, it’s time to prepare for packing. As we already said, your machine should be unplugged, and you also need to remove the safety key. We know that treadmills are much more fun to exercise than pack, but there is no coming back. This awkwardly shaped item needs its place as soon as possible. But remember, before you start dismantling the whole treadmill, maybe you’d like to take a photo so you can easily put the pieces back together as soon as you arrive. Also, it could be useful to place some blankets on the floor, especially if you need to carry the machine downstairs. This way you’ll prevent scratches and floor damages that often happen when moving these huge items. Now we can call Park Slope movers and answer the question of how to pack a treadmill.


It’s obvious that unlike other gym equipment such as weights and dumbbells, the treadmill can’t fit any of the boxes. One of the options that stay is to place it in an upright position and then fold it with moving blankets. We assume that you have additional workout equipment in your old house that needs packing, but there is nothing to worry about. Smaller items like weights can be folded into bubble wrap or moving blankets as well. Also, there is a chance to fit some of them into your boxes, but be patient. You already know how heavy these items can be, so try to get some help and don’t forget to clean everything up before packing. Let’s say that you have finished the hardest part of packing, but you can’t and at the same time shouldn’t lift it alone. That is the main reason why you need a guide on how to pack a treadmill.

Home fitness equipment.
Other fitness equipment is much easier to pack.


Hiring professional Brooklyn movers New York should help you here. When you have finished preparing your treadmill for the move, they will do the rest. Save transportation is the key part here. If you covered every inch of your item with a moving blanket, there is nothing to worry about. Just let the professionals do the rest. They’ll know exactly where and how to place the treadmill in the moving van so it won’t get damaged on the way to your new home. It requires time and special attention to arrange everything and place all the boxes and equipment together. However, it’s not impossible only if you have a great team of movers.

Reasons for hiring professional movers

As we already mentioned, transporting your belongings to the new address without scratches and damages is the primary goal. The real professionals will know how to adjust their strategy to your needs and fit everything in the moving truck properly. After all, they do have certain tactics on how to lift your heavy items. Remember that this is not a one-man job, and it requires more strength and at least 3-to 4 people. We can always advise you to talk with your neighbors or friends about an excellent moving company in the near. Great reviews are a half job done here. Go and talk with several moving companies and be ready to invest in your moving process. When you have a great team, your moving can be stress-free. You can start exploring Park Slope as soon as you arrive, and movers will take care of the rest.

Dumbbells are excellent for home workout.
Dumbbells can be packed in bubble wrap and placed into smaller boxes.

The big day

We hope that we answered the question of how to pack a treadmill and helped you with the whole moving process. The thing is that everything is about the organization. Make a plan and follow the steps from above until you finish the move. Crucial thing is to take some time, and not decide on moving overnight. Not only it will be more expensive, but it surely won’t pass without damages and complications. Prepare to be patient and find help on time so you don’t have to work all alone. Confessing to yourself that you actually need help is one of the hardest, but at the same time best things you can do. Do not hesitate and search for excellent packing services Brooklyn that will make your moving process quick and effective.