How to pack a piano when moving

Moving a piano is never an easy task. Therefore you will most likely need professional help. The piano is a delicate instrument so it needs to be dismantled first and after that put in blankets and wrapped so as to stay safe during the move. With our packing supplies Brooklyn you will find everything you need so your instrument arrives at its new destination without a scratch. Let’s take a look at some basics on how to pack a piano when moving.

Make photographic evidence

Before you start packing your piano, always take a few pictures. Every reputable company will check your piano for damages before moving it, but it’s safer for you. You never know, bad things happen and it’s better to have some hard evidence if it ever comes to a dispute.

piano keyboard
Take pictures of your piano before the moving crew arrives

First things first

Your first move when moving a piano is to take the lid off. That part of the piano should be wrapped and packed separately from the rest of the piano. After that, you should put the rest of the piano into blankets and wrap it correctly.

Securing the piano

Now when the piano lid is off, some delicate parts of the piano will be exposed. You should cover the whole piano in blankets. The more layers the better. It should be a nice thick layer. After that, secure it with packing tape. For the delicate parts like strings or keyboard, you can use cardboard cutouts. Make sure they are secure because any damage to them can be costly. To avoid having a stressful move of your piano, check piano movers Brooklyn for reputable and professional movers.

Girl cutting bubble wrap
You need to completely secure the piano.

How to pack a piano from the underside

To completely wrap up your piano, use the technique Brooklyn movers do: tilt it on its side. Then remove the legs. The parts that weren’t wrapped beforehand can be wrapped now that it has changed position. After you wrap it up several times, secure it with straps. This is probably one of the last chances to check once more if everything is secure before the actual moving starts. This is important because most damage pianos suffer is due to improper packing.

How to pack a piano when moving long-distance

Everything above still applies, but when moving the piano to longer distances, a longer trip is involved. You can use a dolly or ramp to bring the piano up or down the stairs. Finally, load it into the truck. When a piano is up for a long ride or is put in a storage unit for a long time, be sure to wrap it in multiple layers to avoid damage.

In the end, your piano needs special care if you compare it to other stuff you pack for a move. Due to its cost and difficulty to repair delicate parts, moving a piano represents a big challenge especially for inexperienced movers. Even if moving supplies for a piano are available online, you shouldn’t attempt to move a piano by yourself. Many health and financial hazards make it a job not worth the hassle and one that should be left to the professionals.