How to move your Fort Greene wine collection

All huge lovers of wine have an extensive wine collection! Packing and relocating wine bottles can get a bit challenging, though. The biggest concern, of course, is to keep the wine bottles in one piece. You want them to arrive in perfect condition so you can just continue collecting where you left off. Wine bottles are extremely delicate and can break easily. This is why the biggest accent is on proper packing when you move your Fort Greene wine collection. No matter if you collect wine as a hobby, or if you’re a serious collector with a huge collection – one thing is certain: the wine needs to stay in one piece! That’s why today our Brooklyn movers have decided to share a guide on how to safely move your Fort Greene wine collection.

Appraise your wine collection

Before you start anything, you need to get your wine appraised. When people move collectibles, it’s very important that they get the insurance they need. And you won’t be able to settle on an insurance plan unless you know how much your collection is worth. So, despite its size, it’s time to get your collection appraised. The appraisers will help you with some tips on how to move the collection as well as a wine collection insurance policy.

People toasting with wine glasses


Once you establish the worth of your collection, talk it through with your Fort Greene movers. They may have some insurance policies readily available. Remember to ask your chosen moving company if they’ve ever transported wine collections before. It’s better if you manage to find a company that has some experience in this field. They are more likely to know how to delicately handle your collection. And before you ship out your wine, you need to take pictures of all of the bottles. It is a bit of work, but you need to make sure that you can collect your insurance if something happens.

Check the regulations of the state you’re moving to

If you’re moving to a different state inside the US, you might need to check some laws and regulations. Transportation of alcohol comes with its own limitations. All of the US states have different laws and regulations when it comes to the amount of alcohol you can transport at one time. Before you blindly go and move your Fort Greene wine collection, you need to thoroughly see the regulations and follow them. Most states, though, will make exceptions for collections, especially if you provide the appraisal certificate. After all, it’s not like you’re trying to run some illegal underground bar.

If you do run into some problems, it’s time to twist things a bit. Ask your friends and family to transport your wine collection bit by bit once they start visiting you. You will not run into this kind of issue, but when the law works against you, you need to find a way to bypass it. Your long distance movers Brooklyn┬ácan help vouch for you once the moving process starts, as well. So, there really is no reason to worry.

Two women looking at laws and regulations
Thoroughly check all the laws and regulations of your destination. You don’t want any surprises!

Inventory your Fort Greene wine collection

One final step before packing! If your collection is still on the smaller side, inventorying it will go quickly. But, even if it’s huge, you should still write down all of the names, and even the manufacturing years of the wines. This way you will have an overview of your entire collection and will have an easier time checking everything once you arrive at your new home. If you have some duplicates, you can sell them for some additional money during the moving process. We all know just how expensive it can get.

Everything is becoming digital, as we’ve seen in the previous decade. You can easily download a free app that helps you inventory your wine. For almost everything you need, you can find an app.

Get the right packing supplies

We all know the usual packing materials needed for a relocation. But, when it comes to wine, things are a bit different. There are common materials you need for any kind of relocation, but relocating a wine collection requires more protection. You will need to get proper wine shipping boxes, they are the only ones capable of completely protecting your collection. Also, remember that you can always hire packing services Brooklyn to help you out. They will already have their own boxes or crates and you won’t have to spend money on buying them. Also, you can imagine how professional movers are when handling the wine.

Wine crates
Choose the proper boxes or crates for your valuable collection.
  • Wine shipping kit – Wine shipping kits are cardboard boxes that have styrofoam inside shaped like wine bottles. A standard size wine bottle will have no issue fitting here. And with the protective cushioning, you can bet that the bottles won’t move at all during transportation. These kits usually hold around 12 bottles. Also, one kit costs between 7$ and 12$.
  • Wine shipper – These boxes are very similar to the previously mentioned wine shipping kit. Wine shippers may be a step up from the wine shipping kit when it comes to protection. These boxes are made so that Kraft paper covers the entire wine bottle. The price is the same as a wine shipping kit, so we do recommend that you choose wine shippers
  • Wine shipping crates – This is the ultimate protection you can get for your wine. If you have some very valuable collector’s wine, you might want to consider getting wine crates. These wooden crates won’t budge and are extremely durable.

To optimize your boxes you can stuff them with a lot of packing paper or bubble wrap for some extra protection.

Now that you know how to move your Fort Greene wine collection, we wish you luck and to collect even more wine. Also, here are some tips on how to store the wine.