How to Move Piano on Hardwood Floor Without Scratching

Our home is a place to enjoy and something we should be proud of. For this reason, we are doing our best to keep it in good condition. This means we invest our time to take good care of our home. Whether we want to continue living in our home or want to sell it, we always want to keep it in perfect condition. But when we know that majority of homes have hardwood floors, we need to take extra care when hauling items across them. Unluckily, when we have to move heavy and bulky items such as the piano, it is hard to avoid scratching and damage. Therefore, it seems almost impossible to move piano on a hardwood floor without scratching. Thankfully, the only saviors in this mission are the most reliable piano movers Brooklyn has. They will provide you with a safe moving service and useful advice.

Is it possible to move piano on hardwood floor without scratching?

In case your grand piano is on hardwood floors or will be moved across hardwood floors, it is not strange if you are concerned.  Nevertheless, worry. Just make sure to prepare for this task. Don’t know where you should start your preparation? First of all, you have to know this task is possible. Moreover, it is not so hard if you know the right steps. Take the advice from one of the most experienced residential movers NYC. According to their advice, it is important to maintain the quality and condition of hardwood floors without scratching or damaging them during the move. So, follow the tips on how to move piano on hardwood floor without scratching them.

Wondering is it possible to move piano on hardwood floor without scratching?
You need to get the proper tools to move piano on hardwood floor without scratching.

Do you know you can use caster cups?

Maybe you did not know but they are little round coverings (also may be square coverings) which you can place under furniture items. So, in case you have big and heavy furniture items like beds, couches, pianos, wooden tables, etc you probably already have them.Take the advice from our Brooklyn Movers New York and get caster cups if you don’t have them yet. These little coverings will prevent scratches and damages to any floor surfaces in your home. Thus, you can be calm when moving your furniture. In fact, caster cups are proof you can relocate your piano without damaging your floors. For sure it will provide you assistance in moving your piano over the hardwood floors. Felt bottoms of caster cups will provide steady and smooth covering to separate the feet of the piano from your hardwood floors.

Try to get a dolly

This is another tool most movers use when have to move a piano on a hardwood floor without damages and scratching. A dolly will easily glide over the hardwood floors. Also, they are very easy to manipulate and move across the house.

Hardwood floor
Avoid hauling heavy items across your gentle wooden floor.

Don’t forget the moving pads and blankets

In case you can find caster cups or dolly, there is a solution. Visit the nearest Walmart and get proper moving pads or blankets. Make sure to cover your hardwood floors and move piano on hardwood floor without scratching them.