How to move out of NY on a tight budget?

Moving is an expensive project, but luckily for you, it can be cheaper. It is possible to move out of NY on a tight budget even though New York is one of the most expensive places in the USA. There are so many different ways to cut moving costs and to have a quality and successful move at the same time.

Moving out of Brooklyn or other parts of NYC can be very stressful too. Starting a new life in a new state, finding a new place to live, having a new job. A lot is going on, and it is not the time for money problems. Follow this simple guide, and you will move on a small budget. Tips are always welcome, especially if you are moving for the first time and do not know where to start.

View of NYC from the sky
NY is an amazing place to live, but at the same time it is very expensive, that’s why so many people move out

What are the moving costs?

Moving costs depend on a lot of things. The average price for a local move is about $1,250 and for a long distance move (1000 miles, for example) is near $5,000. In both cases, it is a lot. Moving out of Manhattan to Miami, for example, may cost up to $6,000. These average prices are for a 2,5 bedroom home. What are the moving costs, and what to consider and calculate when moving?

  • Travel fees from NY to your new home. If you are traveling by car you must pay for the gas, or by a plane or train, it is not free.
  • Size and weight of your household items. More items you have to move, your moving will be more expensive. So, if you want to move out of NY on a tight budget, do not move all the items. 
  • Packing service cost more and it is an additional fee.
  • When moving out of NY, maybe you won’t be able to find a new home before moving. Storage units are a place where you can store your items, but it will cost.
  • Supplies for packing may cost, but you can save on moving supplies. You will see how in the continuation of this guide.
  • Moving costs also depend on the moving date. If you are moving off-season you will pay less. 
  • Moving insurance. 

Tips to move out of NY on a tight budget

Tips and tricks are essential because every penny is important when moving, especially when you need to move out of NY on a tight budget. First, make a list of all the thing you must do before and after moving and calculate the average cost and set your budget. In most cases, the budget is smaller than the calculated costs, but do not worry. See where you can cut costs and save money.

A golden piggy bank
Move with a small budget and save money for more important things

Smart advice is to look into affordable moving companies with quality service, like We’ll talk more on that subject in a section to come!

Ask friends for help

Do not pay for packing services if you have a small budget. You may find moving experts for your long distance move from NY, but packing and unpacking are the tasks you should do by yourself. Ask friends and family members to help you disassemble and pack your household items. You will spend time together, order a pizza and start working. It is a great way to save money and be with friends.

Pack only necessary items

Before you start to pack, choose what to move. Keep in mind that transportation is cheaper when you have fewer items to move. If you are moving to a hot and sunny place, do not take your winter clothing and equipment. Also, when moving long-distance, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy new furniture and appliances than to move old ones.

Sell or donate

Things you do not need you can sell if they are in good condition. Organize a sale and earn money instead of spending it. Also, when you donate clothing or furniture ask for a receipt. This way you can get your tax back. Separate items you do not need and use them wisely.

Find free moving supplies

Do not buy moving boxes, instead of purchasing them, you may find free ones in supermarkets, local stores, restaurants. You may even ask your friends to bring packing supplies. Moving boxes are not the only thing where you can improvise. Newspapers and socks can be used for wrapping, and soft items, like clothing and linens, can be packed into bags. Be creative, but be careful with fragile items. They should be protected well.

Off-season move

When moving out of New York, choose fall or winter. It is a time when moving companies do not have a lot of work, as they have during the summer. If you are able to choose a moving date, relocate in the middle of a month and avoid weekends. Movers will charge you less and you may negotiate and get the best deal.

Affordable moving company

Yes, you can move on a tight budget and hire a moving company. Many people think that a DIY move will save them a lot of money, but it is not the entire truth. You may spend more money this way if something goes wrong. Damaged, broken or lost items, the problem with a moving vehicle, etc. It is not hard to find a reliable moving company that meets your standards and fits into your budget.

A girl walking down the road with a suitcase
Say farewell to NY and save money

If you were afraid of what the result might be after calculating moving expenses, now you know there is nothing to fear. It is possible to move out of NY on a tight budget! You just need to be creative and to follow these steps. Most people want to save money for more important things, such as new home and school, so cutting moving costs is a feasible option.