How to help your dog adjust to a new home

Moves can be stressful for people, but dogs feel that stress too. They don’t know what is happening and don’t understand the chaos of moving. New places are especially stressful for them, and they usually require help navigating the moving process. Some dogs easily adjust to the move. However, some do not. To help you help your dog adjust to a new home, the Brooklyn movers team made specific tips and tricks we will discuss in this article.

Before moving

The packing itself can be stressful for your dog. There are many ways to make them feel more comfortable during the packing process. The best advice we can give you is to pack your dog’s items last and unpack them first. Having their stuff in the house will help your dog not feel the chaos of the move. Same as for people, having an essentials bag with your dog’s items is important during moving. You should pack some dog food, toys and grooming equipment in this essential bag.

A box of essential that will help your dog adjust to a new home
Remember to pack a box of essentials not only for yourself but for your dog too.

When packing, try to maintain most of your dog’s routine to give them a sense of stability. Giving them food and taking them for a walk at their usual time will help your dog feel calmer. If you are hiring a moving service NYC that includes packing, you should ensure your dog feels comfortable around new faces in your home. You can do this by slowly introducing them to your dog in a place where your dog feels safe and unthreatened.

Introducing and helping your dog adjust to a new home

If you plan on using self storage New York, make sure you don’t store your dog’s stuff. Keeping the items, he’s used to, like toys, bowls, and blankets will help your dog adjust to a new home more easily. Having something familiar of his will ease his anxiety. Not having the things they’re used to, especially those he uses daily, may make them feel out of place.

A dog sleeping on a grey blanket
Having your dog’s blanket at all times will give them a sense of security and stability.

It’s vital that you set up your dog’s place immediately after moving in so they can get used to it as soon as possible. Decide on a place where you want to keep your dog’s bowls and set aside a place for him to sleep. Making your dog feel like they have a place of their own will help them adjust to a new home faster. Keeping the routine the same is essential once you move in too.

Introducing your dog to new people

When you move, you will meet new people and neighbors. But meeting new people starts with your movers. When hiring residential movers New York, you should also check if they would feel comfortable around a dog. Trust goes both ways, so make sure the company you hire has experience working for families with dogs and is comfortable with dogs.  If your dogs are friendly, they will have an easier time adjusting. However, if they are not, you may have to use a couple of tricks to help your dog adjust to a new home with new people.

Some of the best tips we can give you to help your dog adjust are:

  1. Don’t leave them alone with new people unless you know they are comfortable
  2. Try associating new people with positive things such as treats, exercise, playtime, or food
  3. Be a role model of behavior around new people, especially movers. If you feel comfortable around new people, your dog will surely too.
  4. Make sure your dog feels safe and comfortable and has enough space. If they aren’t comfortable, provide them an exit or a space they can retreat to feel more comfortable.

Introducing your dog to other dogs

Before moving your dog into a home with one or more additional pets, have them meet one another on neutral ground on one or more occasions. This will help you determine if there will be any animosity between them. Having them engage in a mutual activity will also help, provided that it’s not a competitive activity. During the first days, avoid anything that might lead them to compete, especially over territory and food.

Two German shepherds running
Avoiding all competitive activities during the first stage of introducing your dogs is advised.

Once you move in, try having separate sleeping and eating areas for your dogs to avoid territorial fights. Try to establish the same routine for all of your pets in order for them to adjust to each other gradually. When going on a walk, keep them on a leash so that you may control them easier and avoid any dog anxiety.

The time it will take you to help your dog to adjust to a new home.

Of course, you may ask yourself the question of how long it will take your dog to adjust to a new home. Usually, it takes a couple of days. But that mainly depends on your dog and if they are emotional. Dogs who are prone to dog anxiety will take more time.  If your move was local, your dog might feel settled at the moment after your local movers New York left. However, long-distance moves are harder to adjust to. Not only because the places may feel less familiar, but because the entire move is longer and more complex. 

However anxious your dog may be around the move, it’s important to remember that it’s all normal. Just as humans, dogs are emotional creatures. It will take time to adjust to new situations. Giving them lots of love during this period will help your dog adjust to a new home. Remember to have patience and faith that your dog will love your new home just as much as you.