How to get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens

Moving is usually an exciting time, but it does come with a lot of stress. Handling packing and finding a good moving company is stressful enough, but what happens after the move? Nobody talks enough about feelings of sadness and worries that can follow. Even a relatively local move, such as swapping Queens for Gowanus can be tough. You can feel lonely, anxious, and out of place, but that is totally okay. We understand that settling in a new neighborhood can be difficult, but you need to give it some time! However, instead of comparing Gowanus to Queens, you should try and ease into a new experience. We are here to help, so don’t worry! Our Brooklyn Movers New York have prepared this text with intention of allowing you to relax and let go of the old Queens. Here is how to get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens.

Learn about Gowanus before moving from Queens

We recommend you start to settle down in Gowanus even before actually arriving. That means you should read about your future neighborhood and ask around. We are confident that this sounds quite reasonable, right? You don’t want to move somewhere without being ready. This way you will know what to expect before getting there, but also that you’ll feel familiar with Gowanus. Therefore, make a plan on what to visit first, as well as what you think will annoy you. If you know the downsides of your future residence you can avoid disappointment and frustrations, and focus on the good things! Our local movers Brooklyn NY will be there to help you with packing, moving, and storage, but, the research is up to you. However, we are sure that you will find plenty of options and upsides to Gowanus in comparison to Queens so don’t despair in advance!

woman looking at the laptop
One of the best ways to settle down in Gowanus is to learn about it in advance. With some timely research, you will know what to expect, so you will feel at home in no time!

Unpack and settle down in your new Gowanus home – FAST

One of the best ways to avoid feelings of sadness and anxiety is to get to work! Maybe you don’t feel like it, but the faster you unpack- the better. Not only you will focus on something other than the moving blues, but you will also enjoy the feeling of making your new house a home! If nothing else, you will know that you have a safe zone somewhere so that should also help. So go ahead, start finding a new place for your old belongings. You should feel better seeing them in your new home. If you are alone, we also recommend calling up some friends: everything is easier with good company! Gowanus and Queens are less than an hour away from each other, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Get settled in Gowanus by taking a stroll

A good way to get settled in Gowanus is to start exploring. Our great Gowanus movers have maybe mentioned a few places, but you need to get out there and see for yourself! There is no better way to learn about Gowanus than by walking because like this you can start memorizing places. It’s an amazing neighborhood and we’re sure that you’ll find everything you need here. Think about your hobbies and your favorite pastimes so you can look for cool spots around you. Are you an outdoors fan? Then you should definitely have a stroll around the Gowanus Canal. The Canal is expected to be fully finished in 2022., so you’re in luck! Also, check out the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club- who knows, you can even meet some new friends there. Who would’ve thought that you can enjoy rowing in New York City?!

get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens
The best way to get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens is to get moving. You can take a nice long walk with your friends, family, or even alone! Soak in the neighborhood and try to memorize the interesting places!

Get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens by finding new friends

Gowanus is an amazing neighborhood and its residents are a big part of that! If you are a social butterfly you will find friends in Gowanus in no time. You should try to mingle with the locals in some of the Gowanus’s famous places, such as Claro and Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Not only you will find new friends, but you’ll also enjoy delicious food. Sounds like a win-win situation to us! We know that New Yorkers are not famous for their friendliness, but a smile and cool attitude can get you far here. You can find a diverse population in Gowanus, it’s full of young talents and old residents. So get ready to take a walk along the Canal, enjoy the industrial vibe and meet someone new! If nothing works, you can even use apps such as Meetup, LinkedIn, Facebook, or maybe even Tinder? Keep an open mind!

women sitting on a bench laughing
One of the best ways to ease into the Gowanus lifestyle is by finding friends here! We’re sure that your friends from Queens are great, but you should give your new neighbors a chance. Who knows, maybe you will be the creator of a large Gowanus-Queens friend group!


That was our short guide on how to get settled in Gowanus after moving from Queens. We hope that you have enjoyed it and that you will settle down as smoothly as possible. Go ahead follow our tips and try to explore your new neighborhood, become friends with the locals, and make your house a safe space. So, if nothing works- don’t despair, you’ve done your best! Everyone can misjudge a place and not everything is for everyone, it’s okay. You don’t have to be unhappy anywhere, so chin up! Our long distance movers Brooklyn will be there to help you move to a happier place, no matter how far it is. Good luck with your settling down in Gowanus!