How to get rid of a piano before moving: options for disposing of an old piano

Moving is one of the most exciting things in life. However, moving an old piano is definitely not. If you have ever tried to move any bulky piece of furniture, then you will agree with our statement. Old pianos are especially difficult to relocate as they can become more delicate, broken, and damaged in time. As a result, plenty of people are trying to get rid of a piano before moving to a new location. If you are currently facing this situation, don’t worry! There are plenty of options to remove an old piano from your home and ensure yourself a simple relocation. Whether you choose to place it in a self storage New York has or decide to donate or sell it, you will be able to solve your problem faster than your think.

#1 Selling your piano

Sell your piano if you want to get rid of it and earn some cash at the same time. However, don’t get disappointed if you get less than you hoped. Research the value of your piano and advertise it in local newspapers and online marketplaces. Visit local music schools and offer it to piano enthusiasts if you want to sell it faster, as it is unlikely that other people would be interested in buying it. Post flyers around your home and in your local community to reach out to people who might want to make use of an old piano. If you find a buyer, turn your piano on and check if any repair needs to be done. Moreover, make sure you hire a moving company and use professional packing services Brooklyn recommends to transport your piano to a new location safely and without the risk of damage.

Two young women laughing and talking about how to get rid of a piano before moving.
Moving an old piano from your home might turn into an exciting adventure.

#2 Get rid of an old piano before moving by donating it

If you are hoping to sell grandma’s old piano and earn thousands of dollars, think again! Old pianos are usually not worth that much, except for some upright devices you are probably not lucky to have. However, you can make other people happy if you donate your piano. Of course, you can only take this step if you have a decent-working piano that needs good tuning. This way, you will not have to bother paying taxes for a device that you no longer like and use. If anyone from your local school, church, or community is interested, just donate your piano directly. You don’t need help from piano movers NYC offers as you can simply relocate it without disassembling and special packing. However, make sure you are being honest about the instrument’s condition, and report in case there are any damages and flaws to repair.

#3 Recycling your piano

There are plenty of benefits to recycling your piano and being environmentally friendly. Save your local community and the environment by recycling your device, as certain materials in it might be used more than once. If you search the Internet, you will see that there are so many waste management companies and specialized piano recycling facilities all over Brooklyn. All you need to do is call them and they will come to pick it up. Of course, you need to follow the basic guidelines for piano recycling, such as researching the environmental policies of potential service providers you find in your area. Moreover, make sure you hire professional packers and movers in New York to pack and transport the piano to a recycling facility safely.

A white piano in the living room.
Recycling is one of the best solutions to get rid of a piano before moving!

#4 Disposing of your piano

If none of the options above suit you, you can always dispose of your piano by hiring a junk removal service. This service is fast and you don’t have to lift a finger except call their agent and arrange a pickup. However, the only downside of it is the price. Based on the size, shape, and weight of your piano, you may have to pay from $ 80 – $ 2000  to get it done. If you want to save some money, you can take the piano to a landfill yourself. Still, you will have to include the gas price in the task. as well as call friends to give you a hand.

Remember, disposing of your piano is a potential risk to the environment due to the hazardous materials it might contain. Therefore, if you decide to opt for this step, make sure you follow the rules and regulations of your local community. 

#5 Repurposing your piano

Finally, an old piano is not necessarily bad. Some people decide to turn it into something else. Instead of throwing it away, why not try to repurpose or remodel an old piano? One of the most popular options is converting a piano into a bar. Moreover, you can turn it into a fancy fountain, or a unique bird feeder. Paint it and with some effort, it may become a fashionable and strange-looking pot holder. Let your imagination guide you through this task, or browse the Internet for more ideas. You don’t need to have any special skills for this! A bit of painting and cutting will surely make a difference. Finally, turning your old piano into an eye-catching item might be fun and exciting as well.

A couple watching something on their laptop.
There are plenty of ideas you can use to turn your old piano into something interesting.

Get rid of a piano to simplify the process of relocation

You probably have plenty of items in your home that you no longer need or use. An old piano collecting dust in the corner is one such item. If you want to get rid of a piano before moving, follow the simple rules from our article. Selling and donating your piano are usually the first things that people opt for. However, recycling as well as calling a junk removal service to pick it up are possible solutions as well. Finally, converting your piano into something interesting is a good idea if you are creative and want to have some fun during the relocation. Whatever you decide to do with an old piano, remember to always follow the basic guidelines and local community regulations.