How to Find Office Space in Brooklyn

Moving or expanding your business to Brooklyn can be a great opportunity. With more than eight million residents, New York can open you up to so many potential new customers and business partners! But before you can jump to moving your office, you’ll first need to find office space in Brooklyn. Much like finding an apartment in Brooklyn, finding office space in Brooklyn is not always easy. Rent ranges from relatively affordable (for New York anyway) to extremely steep and the competition is fierce anyway. So finding a space that suits your business, fulfills your needs, and fits within your budget is nothing short of an art form. But this useful guide with some tips and tricks can make it easier!

Step by step guide to finding office space in Brooklyn

If you’ve ever moved home before, you know that finding a new place to live is a process. Now, there are many differences between commercial and residential moving but this isn’t one of them. Finding new office space in Brookly is also going to be a process. Luckily, it can be broken down into 5 easy steps.

New York skyline.
Move your office to New York for more business opportunities.

Step 1: evaluate your needs

It is extremely important that you don’t just settle for any office space you find. Instead, look for a place that really fits the needs of your business! After all, business moving is not easy so you don’t want to do it again soon just because you picked the wrong office space. But before you can pick something that fulfills your needs, you need to figure out what those are.

How much space do you need and what purposes will your new space need to serve?

When it comes to office space, size does matter. Think about how many employees you have, how much equipment will be on-site at any one time and what your plans for expansion may be. You don’t want a cramped, overstuffed office, do you? But don’t go too big either as this can add unnecessary costs.

Next, consider what you will be using the space for. Are you expecting customers and clients to come and go? Will you be holding large meetings and conferences? Do you need an open floor plan for people to move around or smaller, separate offices? All this will inform your choice of office space in Brooklyn.

Where is the best location for your business and when do you need it?

Everyone knows that New York is a big place. Even when you narrow that down to just Brooklyn, you still have a lot of different locations to choose from. So think about the kind of services you’re offering and whether they would be especially welcome in a certain area. Focusing on a single neighborhood will help you find office space faster. You should also narrow your options down to something that fits your moving timeline. If you plan on moving in September, for example, don’t choose a space that’s available starting December.

Step 2: decide how much to spend on office space in Brooklyn

Sticking to your budget when moving your office is crucial. Some loss of business is almost inevitable when moving your office but you don’t want to be at a huge monetary loss because you blew your budget, do you? So decide what you can afford to spend before you start looking for a new place and then focus your search on things within your budget!

Set a budget for your new office space.

Calculate the price per square foot, maintenance fees, and utilities

Don’t forget that the price of a new office is not just what you pay for the space itself. The cost of buying or renting will be just one piece of the puzzle. You should also look into maintenance fees that you can expect to pay after moving your office. And because businesses spend a lot on utilities, you should definitely look into those future costs as well. Sometimes, a higher rent is worth it for the much lower bills.

Step 3: find office space in Brooklyn that meets your criteria

Once you finally know what you’re looking for, it’s time to check what’s on offer. Whether you plan on looking through ads yourself or hiring a realtor, make sure you get a few options to choose from. The Brooklyn real estate is a competitive scene so it’s smart not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Step 4: visit the potential new office space in Brooklyn

Always see a space in person before committing to it. No amount of photos and second-hand information compares to your own experience with the location. So whatever office space you’re eyeing, make sure to schedule a visit.

Empty office.
Always visit the potential new office space before deciding.

Things to pay attention to when visiting potential new locations

While you are checking your potential new office space, it’s not just the overall impression that matters. Some of the other things you should pay attention to are:

  • ease of access (for both employees and clients)
  • nearby parking space
  • the neighborhood and surrounding area (especially how safe and clean it is)
  • the conditions in the building (age, size, and other tenants)

If the space doesn’t appeal to you upon an in-person inspection, it may be a good idea to consider a local relocation somewhere in the nearby area. This is why it’s important to always have several options for back-up!

Step 5: make the choice

When you’ve finally decided on what you need and found it, it’s time to make the choice. Remember that New York real estate is cutthroat. So making a decision quickly may be vital for getting the office space you want.

Start your business relocation as soon as you’ve picked your new office space!

Business relocation takes time. So as soon as you’ve found your new office space in Brooklyn, make sure you contact professional movers with experience who can help you move into it. You want to get started on your move as soon as possible so as to have enough time to plan and organize it in a way that ensures you don’t lose any business!