How to find free moving boxes in Brooklyn

Moving your home will take your time and energy. For this reason, you should give up on the plan that it will be possible without anyone’s help. The safest way to get to your new home is to hire our high-quality movers from Brooklyn Movers New York. Not only we will save you from a headache but also we can make your move a pleasant experience. On the other hand, you should prepare your budget because the move can costs you a lot. From hiring a mover, renting a storage unit, to purchase moving insurance, apparently moving can cause serious costs. Otherwise, it is not a bad idea to find ways to cut moving costs. One of them is to find free moving boxes in Brooklyn. You can also pick to move in the off-peak season, pack and unpack your household by yourself.

Where to get free moving boxes in Brooklyn?

Residents of Brooklyn and its neighborhoods live in a place where they can almost always find what they’re looking for at any time. Even if you got specific requirements such as moving bulky and giant items. For example, it will be easy to find piano movers in Brooklyn who will provide you with safe moving. But if you are looking for free moving boxes, it can seem hopeless. Luckily, you can quickly acquire all the boxes you will need, but you can do so without spending a dollar. We highlighted some of the places where you can look for free moving boxes. Here are several places to score free moving supplies in the city.

All places that receive shipments are a good place to look.

1. Gather and save delivery boxes

Many Brooklyn residents receive frequent deliveries services and some even get their groceries delivered using services like Fresh Direct. This means that lots of sturdy, new boxes pass through apartment buildings every day. As you can realize, you can use them for packing your belongings. In case you use delivery services, plan to break down and store the boxes from your shipments. Moreover, you can also ask your friends and neighbors to do the same for you.

2. Recycling material and free moving boxes

Like most residents of Brooklyn not only you are recycling for sure but also you know how this is important for the planet. You will be surprised how this can lead you to the free moving boxes you need for packing. As you know when the city picks up garbage and recycling on your street, you can use this to get what you need. On trash day, you can strategically pick up the best, unsoiled boxes from the curb. After you finish unpacking, recycle them again.

free moving boxes in Brooklyn
Free moving boxes can be easily found everywhere, but don’t forget to recycle after you use them.

3. Take unused boxes from your office

As we already mentioned, life in this city can offer you a lot. New York is a city that attracts many young professionals. Even your office may be a good source of packing supplies and materials. Your office can be one of the places where you can find free moving boxes in Brooklyn. If your office is a place that always has card boxes coming and going, break a few down and take them home. If you are able to ask for such a favor, ask your managers and colleagues for help.