How to explain the moving process to children

Imagine your children’s excitement for a new adventure, only to have them get beat down mentally with worry. We understand the emotional toll that moving can take on families, especially children. To make the move successful you need to help your children understand. Whether this is a life or career decision, we support you and want you to succeed. We want you to move safely, easily, and most importantly, have your kids adjust quickly. To relocate smoothly and happily to your new home, the best Brooklyn Movers New York will cover your needs. We will guide you on how to help your children and secure them during the move.

Child’s perspective on the move

We all can be worried about the local or maybe even worse about an interstate move. Now how do kids feel about moving? Children go through the same emotions, but since they are still young and don’t have the experience, they might feel way worse. You might think about getting into a new environment and new opportunities. However, kids might be thinking about how they are moving very far away from their home. Some children may be more sensitive to stress signals than adults, but all children need is support from us. As you embark on this journey, consider the services of top interstate moving companies NYC has to offer. Whether a long-distance or local move, we will help. We will make the move quick and easy, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

Parent holding hands while trying to explain the moving process to children.
Let them know what is happening and explain the moving process to your children.

When you decide to talk to your children do so in a way that will be easy for them to understand. Don’t push them too far, remember they are still kids!

Ways to explain the moving process to your children

Your children are also a part of the move! They are not just spectators; they are active participants. Keep them informed and make sure they feel comforted and supported, you can create a more joyful and smooth transition for them. To make it easier for them to understand and help them go through this significant transition, we have compiled a couple of ways for you to help them:

  • Storytelling techniques
  • Interactive planning
  • Visual schedules
  • Role-Playing games
  • Moving Scrapbook

Transform the moving process into an adventure

Engage your child by creating a story where they are the star, with their cherished toy as a key character. Tell them a tale filled with the magic of a moving truck that takes them on an adventure to their new home. Along the way, they meet friendly movers, who, with the help of their toy sidekick, help pack and transport their belongings. Bringing excitement to the move will bring your kid the joy they need to have a successful move.

Involve your children in the process of planning and moving

Your child’s well-being is the most important part of the move, make sure to keep that in mind and use different ways to approach the topic. Talk about the move and explain why it is happening, they are still young so make sure to have a conversation that is age-appropriate for them. Let them pack their belongings, choose new furniture, or decide the colors for their room. This will make your kids feel valued and have a feeling of being more in control of the situation. However, be sure to set some boundaries or guidelines to make sure that their choices are in check with you. For example, you might want to set some rules on how they should pack. As we involve them in these decisions, children feel more comfortable and excited about the move.

Adult and a child playing around the furniture while in the moving.
There is no reason not to be playful with your children while you are in the moving process!

While you should help your child feel apart of the moving process by letting them plan alongside you, this shouldn’t interfere with the success of your move. Your valuables, including different antiques, documents, and important pieces of furniture, are safer in the hands of professionals. Simply put – let your kids help with the less important items, but leave your cherished pool table to the experienced pool table movers NY locals recommend. This way you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Make it easy for your child to visualize the journey

A way to assist your children in understanding and moving through the moving process is by creating visual schedules. By highlighting big and small parts of the journey such as packing day, moving day, and the first day in the new home, you will explain what your child can expect throughout the moving process. You can use drawings and symbols to represent different activities; a box could signify packing day, while a truck could represent moving day. Use visual schedules, it will help your children see the positive aspects of your upcoming move!

Transform moving into play

Encourage your children to take part in role-playing games related to the move. Let them take on roles such as a truck driver or an organizer. This will make the process a more fun and less intimidating experience. This strategy gives your children a sense of control as they actively participate in imagining different stages of the move. Keep a comforting and supportive tone!

Capture memories through moving scrapbooks

Creating a moving scrapbook is a great idea to help your child process their feelings healthily and therapeutically. Include photos of your old home, and your kid’s favorite items, best friends, and favorite places in your scrapbook. Add additional pictures throughout the journey, pictures of the new home, new friends, and new experiences. By making this effort, you’ll open your kid’s eyes to all the positive aspects of your upcoming move.

Couple and a child moving their items and unpacking.
Children are a big part of the moving process.

A practical benefit of having your camera on hand is being able to take photos of all your valuable and cherished belongings, either for your peace of mind or to give your movers as a reference. This can be especially helpful if you won’t be present during your relocation. By taking photos of your piano, per se, you can let your movers know whether it has some quirks that need special attention. Your chosen piano movers NYC locals recommend will surely appreciate the gesture and take special care of your beloved instrument.

Creating a positive moving experience for kids

We know that moving can be a challenging experience for children. That’s why we want you to understand and address their perspectives by engaging them in the process and creating a supportive environment, so we can make the transition smoother. Remember, involving your children in the moving process can help them feel valued and empowered, and visual aids like visual schedules and moving scrapbooks can make the process easier to understand. By taking these steps and seeking the help of professionals when needed, you can explain and make a move with ease. Make sure to research the moving costs Brooklyn has to offer and find the location that fits your needs. Do everything on time, make your journey easier and more enjoyable, and call us. The sooner we finish the moving journey, the sooner you can continue living together in your new environment.