How To Do A Moving Company’s Background Check

Moving from one home to another usually requires enlisting help. Although you may get help from your friends or family members, having professionals by your side is what will ease your move and get you fast to your new address. Whether you may need long-distance or local moves Brooklyn, it is not so pleasant to let all your possession in their hands. Hiring movers and letting them into your home is when you have the right to be concerned and nervous. It is because the moving crew that will come to your home are strangers for you. Therefore, you cannot be sure if they are professional and trustworthy. That is why you need to do a moving company’s background check. There is no doubt, this can save you time, money and nerves. So, stay with us and prevent any troubles.

Before you decide to cooperate with movers here’s what you should consider

No matter how urgent your move is, hiring fraudulent movers will not speed up your moving process. Quite the opposite, dealing with scammers will be totally wasting your time but also money. To prevent becoming a victim of moving scams, you should find as much information as possible about the certain company you consider. Making sure your movers are trustworthy is important in planning your move according to our professional movers Brooklyn has.  Therefore, you need to be sure you are hiring movers who have qualifications and experience. There is no doubt, being concerned about hiring an incompetent moving company for your move is normal. So keep reading the following tips and you will get to the movers that meet your needs.

Do a moving company's background check before you sign anything.
Do a moving company’s background check and avoid a potential nightmare scenario.

Make sure to do a moving company’s background check

One of the first things you should do is to verify the moving company’s licensing credentials. In order to operate legally, moving companies are required by law to be licensed, insured, and registered to perform moves. This is especially important if they want to ship goods over state lines. The FMCSA requires that moving companies need to have a USDOT number. Any reputable moving company will be glad to provide you with this number.

Check the USDOT number

Having the number means movers are inspected and regulated. According to this, before you hire long distance movers Brooklyn for your upcoming relocation make sure to check the USDOT number of the company you plan to hire. You can find this number on the doors of their cabs. If you couldn’t find the company’s number, ask your movers to get it. Once you obtain a company’s USDOT number, you will be able to find vital information about them. 

Young woman using laptop and trying to do a moving company's background check.
Checking your movers’ background is a necessary part of planning your move.

Make sure the company is not blacklisted

Checking the blacklist online is an excellent way to do a moving company’s background check. Blacklist identity unreliable individuals but also companies. So, take the advice from our residential movers Brooklyn and check if the moving company has been blacklisted. So, research specialized websites such as Rip Off and MovingScam and type the name of the moving company you want to hire. If this name pops up on any of the blacklists, avoid them no matter how cheap they are.