How to disassemble a pool table for moving

Relocating your home and all your furniture was always complicated and costly. One must cover the packing process, set aside an appropriate budget, and find professional movers New York to assist you. Yes, movers will make this much easier, but if you have specific items you need to move, like a pool table, the moving process can be quite difficult. Therefore, let us show you how to disassemble a pool table for moving and ensure it arrives on the other side safely.

Professional movers can help you disassemble a pool table for moving

Such a bulky item can’t be relocated without professional help, so you should hire pool table movers NY to relocate your pool table. It’s the only way you can guarantee its safety, unless you are experienced in packing, disassembling, and moving, as well as if you have a license to drive a moving truck. However, give yourself enough time to get to know your potential movers by reading reviews and comparing services. Of course, moving prices are something that will interest you as well. But that may vary depending on your budget and how much you are willing to pay for the pool table moving service.

movers taking out furniture
A professional moving company will take care of your robust furniture.

Once you find residential movers Brooklyn you like, give them a call to communicate the details of the moving service you are about to purchase. Your movers will only disassemble a pool table for moving if they know enough information about it. Also, they will be able to prepare an adequate set of tools, a suitable vehicle, and enough people to help you with your pool table.

Use proper tools to disassemble a pool table for moving

You will use professional moving services Brooklyn let your friends and family help out. But whoever is helping you disassemble and relocate a pool table must use proper tools for it. So, you mustn’t forget to ask your movers if they have proper straps, corner pads, blister packs, and a dolly. They must have disassembling tools as well as ones that will help them relocate items without causing damage. And most reputable moving companies have everything that is required. But your job is to ask and ensure this information is confirmed.or

basic tools on the wall
A basic home tool set is all you need to disassemble your pool table safely.

On the other hand, if you decide on disassembling a pool table by yourself, you’ll need basic home tools along with everything we’ve already mentioned. All these items can be found at your local hardware store or at Home Depot. We are sure you have a power drill, a socket wrench, a hammer, and a few screwdrivers in your home. If not, purchase them or borrow them from a neighbor.

Disassemble your pool table carefully

Compared to a king-sized bed and other armoires inside your home, a pool table is one of the easiest items to disassemble. There are only five major pieces in this story –  four legs and the base of the table. And as reliable movers from Williamsburg moving company can tell you, the entire process can be easily covered with the tools we have mentioned earlier. The first step is to find a flat surface near the table where you’ll spread a blanket, a sheet, or a tarp. You’ll need something that will protect your table from scratching once you flip it over. Do this and then flip the table carefully on its back so all four legs are pointing to the air. Then, use a power drill or a screwdriver to detach the legs from the table. Once you do this, wrap each leg individually in bubble wrap.

As for the base of the table, you can simply wrap it in cardboard or bubble wrap, and lastly, cover it with a sheet. and this depends on the model of the table. Some tables are heavier, and you’ll have to remove pockets, slates, and rails to make them lighter and easier to move. As a matter of fact, you should remove pockets anyway because they can be easily squished when pressed against other items inside the truck. And keep all of the pieces you remove, as well as all screws and bolts, in one box. Keep them inside a small baggie and label them correctly. This is something you shouldn’t lose if you want to reassemble your table without difficulty.

Label and secure each piece

Now that you have all your items and disassembled pieces inside boxes, you must label each box adequately. To be honest, this is an easy process and a much-needed one. Choose a system you are most comfortable with, whether you are using matching numbers, colors, or a detailed description. Match the label with your inventory list, and you’ll always know where your items are. And unpacking will be a breeze because you’ll find everything within minutes. Most importantly, your movers will know what they are dealing with. Labeling raises awareness for everyone involved, so make sure to do this one right.

disassemble a pool table for moving and pack all pieces with care
Label all boxes properly. Especially the one that has slates, pockets, bolts, and screws inside.

Final steps you need to take when dissasembling your pool table

The slates of a pool table are firmly screwed in, so having a powerful power drill will be helpful in this circumstance. The only simple part will be taking out the slate screws. The majority of slates weigh more than 250 lbs, therefore you’ll need your friends’ assistance to hoist them up. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or damage the slates because doing so will impair the functionality of the table. In order to prevent damage, you must carefully wrap the slate and any other table components.

As you near completion of the disassembly process, flip the table over and take off its legs. Make careful to put the hardware in distinct plastic bags as you go along. Then, cover each piece of the frame with a moving blanket and secure it with movers’ tape. Your pool table is prepared, so you may safely move it to your new apartment.

Now you know how to prepare, pack, and disassemble a pool table for moving. It shouldn’t be too hard if you are using movers to do this one. And we highly recommend doing so. One packing and disassembling service are surely cheaper than buying a new one. Which is something you might have to do if you opt for sketchy movers that can ruin your belongings. Good luck!