How to deal with post-moving depression?

Moving to another city is a huge deal. After the initial excitement of the relocation, when you unpack all of your belongings you may feel sad and lonely in the new town where you don’t know anyone. That’s when the post-moving depression rears its ugly head. Moving to Brooklyn will shake the very core of your life. It is a huge change that affects all the aspects of your life. Still, you have to acknowledge your feelings and fight with the post-moving blues. Luckily, there are some useful tips that can help you with that.

What is post-moving depression?

First of all, it is a real thing that is affecting thousands of people. Even those who are moving with family to Brooklyn. Of course, singles are most affected, especially if they are moving to a completely new town where they have no friends or acquaintances.
It is totally normal to feel homesick, but it is very important to identify if that is something that’s taking its toll on you.

The signs of post-moving depression:

  • You have no desire to get out of the house
  • Feeling of anxiety when considering exploring the town
  • Lacking the will to get out the bed
  • Constantly thinking did you make a mistake about the relocation
  • Obsessively stalking your friends back home on social networks and feeling sad because you are not with them
  • The sense of apathy
  • Insomnia or a constant feeling of sleepiness

If you notice any of those symptoms, take immediate action. If you don’t, it can easily slip into a more serious clinical depression that is much harder to get out off. Luckily, the depression after the move is easily treatable – you just have to make yourself do the things that scare you. You have moved to the most exciting city in the world, and you should take advantage of that. When you get out of your comfort zone and see that only good things await you on the horizon, the post-depression will disappear. When you get moving, you will become a real Newyorker in no time.

Acknowledge your feelings

Feeling sad and lonely is nothing to feel embarrassed about. That happens to everybody. When you are leaving your hometown and moving to another place, it is only natural to miss your friends and family. Even the characteristics of your town that you didn’t like when you were there. It’s in human nature to be afraid of the change. Still, changes are the inevitable part of life. If you let the fear of unknown to trap you in your house than the post-moving depression wins.
Keep in mind that one negative thought brings another five of the dark thoughts. That is creating the vicious circle that can be very dangerous to your mental health.

So don’t deny your feelings. You have every right to feel homesick. Just don’t let that define you. Focus on the positive things that your move will bring. You must have a huge reason to make such a drastic life change. Focus on that. Make that your goal. When people have a goal, it gives their life meaning. Remember why did you choose this town from all the other places in America. You have to have a big reason to move to Brooklyn. Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking.

Beat post-moving depression with the positive thinking and being active.
In the end, trying to think positive can’t harm you, and it can be very beneficial.

How to beat post-moving depression?

The key is to get yourself moving. Take one step at the time. Concurring the post-moving depression isn’t a race, so take a slow pace.
First, leave your home. Forget the number of food delivery service, and walk to the nearest store. Next day, take a walk around the block. Then go around the two blocks. Slowly expand your perimeter until you will comfortable to take a public transportation and explore the other parts of Brooklyn. You may feel anxious at first, but with every step, you will feel more secure and less nervous. Don’t let it to paralyze you. The key to bitting it is to get busy.

Be active and beat post-moving-depression
When you are focused on other things, like exploring the city, you won’t feel sad about your former home.

People can’t be sad and excited at the same time. To see the sites that awake your interests and require concentration. If you’re into art, go visit some galleries. If you are a history buff, ho to historic sites or visit many of the interest museums that Brooklyn has to offer. This NY borough is the paradise for foodies, so enjoy in one of its many restaurants. In fact, do whatever you want and makes you happy. This type of depression will disappear at the very first sign of the content in you. There are a lot of opportunities in Brooklyn for newcomers, so take advantage of that.

Meet new people

The hardest part of moving to a new city is that you don’t know anybody. You feel all alone in the new, scary place. This especially affects the people with great social skills that are used to be surrounded with other people. Introverts manage this kind of change much easier than extrovert persons.
It is a common belief that people, as they get older, make new friendships much harder. When you think about it, that really makes no sense. Friends that we make in childhood usually aren’t the people that we have in our lives when we grow old. Of course, there are such friendships but they are very rare. That is because people change as they grow up.

When you are older, you have formed personality. You know what you like and don’t like. You know exactly what are the quality that you seek in others. That is why the friendships that begin in college or at your first job, are usually the ones that last the longest.

So don’t be afraid to meet new people. Use the power of technology, go on social networks or find some interesting people on the forums that interest you.

Use social networks to meet new people and beat post-moving depression
Nowadays, it is very easy to meet new people.

Pay attention to the colleagues on your new job. After you get to know them, you may find someone that can be your new friend. If you are open minded, you can meet new people everywhere, even in the supermarket.
Of course, you can always adopt a furry friend to keep you company. It is a big commitment, but it will get you moving. When you have somebody to take care of, the post-moving depression will have no place in your life.