How to color code boxes for moving

Packing is not simply putting your items in the moving boxes. There are other things you need to do as well, like get the right moving boxes, and organize them properly. Most moving boxes are made of cardboard, and they pretty much look all the same. For this reason, when you pack your belongings, it is hard to know where to place items from each room. This is why you should label boxes using one of the most common methods. That being said, experienced moving and storage Brooklyn would recommend you to color code boxes for moving. This will make both packing and unpacking much easier!

What are the benefits of using color code boxes for moving?

Moving your house can be quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You plan ahead and figure out how to move all of your belongings as quickly as you can before the big day. When you move into a new house, the last thing you want to worry about is your boxes and items. Generally, everything ends up in the garage, making the sorting procedure take longer than it should. For this reason, one of the solutions for your problem is to color code moving boxes NYC. They greatly simplify the process of finding your belongings quickly. Additionally, there are other benefits of using moving boxes in different colors, such as:

  • Easy to unpack
  • Saves time
  • Better organization
  • Faster packing
 color code boxes for moving in black and blue
It will be much easier to pack and unpack when using color code boxes for moving

How to use color code moving boxes?

Using color code boxes doesn’t mean you need to buy moving boxes in different colors or paint them completely. It is extremely difficult to find colored cardboard boxes and painting them would take too much time. Therefore, there are a couple of easier options. You only need a couple of markers or colored tape. However, before you start marking your boxes, you should make a plan. Write or print a plan where you will decide which color belongs to which room. For example, pink will be for boxes for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, red for the living room, and so on. If you have too many rooms and don’t have enough colors, you can combine two of them. For example, red plus pink would be the dining room. Create a system that suits you just like you picked a moving company based on moving quotes Brooklyn. You will see it is easier than you think!

Color coding versus labeling

Color coding and labeling are not exactly the same. Although they are frequently used together, color coding and labeling have somewhat different functions. Color coding helps with easier and faster identification of which box belongs to which room. Labeling will also give the same information, but usually, you will write down what items are packed inside. So, the best option would be to use both color coding and labeling.

labeled boxes for moving
You can use both color coding and labeling for your boxes

It’s the same situation as when you can use a couple of different moving services for your location instead of one. For example, you can hire professional movers to pack your home and piano movers Brooklyn just for your piano. Moving is a complicated process, and sometimes you need more than one moving service. Don’t be afraid to ask professional movers for help and advice.

Who should mark your boxes?

Basically, everyone can mark boxes. The task is not particularly hard, it’s only time-consuming. But the best option is to do it by yourself. After all, you are the one who will create the system that suits you the best. For this reason, you should first get proper supplies. It’s just like you can’t start your relocation without the right moving services Brooklyn. The supplies you will need are cardboard boxes, paper, markers, or colored tape. If you are going to use tape, first put a small piece of tape on a box. You can use the standard tape to close boxes so that you don’t waste color tape too much. Alternative ways of marking your boxes are with markers, stickers, etc.

The downsides of not organizing your items

The main reason why people color code boxes is to help them stay organized. Good preparation and organization are very important during relocation. It’s pretty easy to get lost and create a mess, especially when you’re packing and unpacking. For example, if you don’t properly mark your boxes, unpacking will be a complicated process. It’s much easier to unpack and organize your new home when you know which box goes to each room.

a person under the boxes
It is going to be messy if you don’t organize your boxes

This is the main reason why you should use color code boxes. If you are not organized, your relocation will be much harder and last longer also, you will create an unnecessary mess and make many mistakes. Moving mistakes cost money, such as additional days and working hours for professional movers.

Make your relocation easier

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of using color code boxes for moving. Your relocation will be well organized, and you will save time and money. Additionally, aside from these amazing benefits, using color-coded boxes will be fun, and will make packing more interesting. So don’t be afraid to be creative and play with different colors. Your professional movers will also finish faster if you decide to use color-coded boxes. There are many benefits and almost no disadvantages to this. The only drawback might be that you will need time to make a plan and color your boxes. However, you won’t need more than one afternoon. In the end, it will be very beneficial for you.