How to choose a new office location 

Many professionals consider their workplace to be a second home. Because most people spend the majority of their time at work, the office you choose for your company is important. The decision to hire professional Park Slope movers and choose a new office location should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, including the space, and how it will affect your employees and clients. Continue reading to learn key factors to consider while deciding on a new office location.

Office lease or co-working space

The very first step you should consider is which type of space you should use.

Office leases are more expensive and bind you to the space for a longer period of time, but they provide you greater flexibility in how you use it. Personalizing the space with your own branding has a big impact on your team’s morale and the image you portray to clients.

If you have fewer employees and some room for expansion, or if you only require the space for a short time, co-working spaces are a better option. Furthermore, working in a co-working space relieves you of chores such as coffee and toilet paper replacement. To encourage worker wellbeing, these locations frequently host free classes, gatherings, and presentations (along with free biscuits!).

Technology and infrastructure

Because businesses nowadays can hardly function without internet access, this is an essential consideration when selecting an office space. Internet access is available in some office spaces and is included in the rent.

However, in order to avoid productivity barriers, it’s critical to have a dependable, reliable, and efficient internet connection. Check whether the office space you’re considering can support infrastructure improvements based on your company’s needs.

Office prices

Price is perhaps the most crucial aspect that most companies consider first when they choose a new office location. Especially if you’re having a long-distance office relocation. First of all, you should consider hiring reliable long distance movers Brooklyn and get a free moving estimate. You may choose to save money and spend too little. Then, you’ll either end up with an office that doesn’t meet your expectations or find yourself relocating after a few months. If you spend too much money, you may be unable to pay your rent or be forced to move somewhere else in order to downsize.

Stack of coins
Office prices are a crucial factor when you choose a new office location

Hidden costs

When planning your relocation budget, don’t forget about:

  • stamp duty,
  • installation costs,
  • solicitor’s fees, and
  • buying agent’s fees

Though rent will account for the majority of your office expenses, these will make a considerable contribution. It’s also a good idea to find out what the business rates are for the buildings you’re looking for.

Remember to calculate for operating and cleaning expenses while you’re at the workplace, as well as any fees you may spend for items you didn’t bring with you and must dispose of.

Before you sign the lease, make sure you understand the charges that you and your landlord will be responsible for.

Room to grow

You should consider your business’ future needs in addition to having enough room for your current needs. While it is hard to foresee the future with 100% accuracy, selecting an office location with some opportunity for expansion is critical. High-growth businesses will require additional room to expand. Estimate how many more people you’ll need to hire and find a space that can fit them – it can even serve as a motivator to achieve your objectives!

Office space
Room to grow is one of the factors you need to take into account

Competition in the area

Determine the level of competition in the chosen area before you choose a new office location.

Greater competition is frequently a motivator for higher results. With all that in mind, you might wish to start in an area related to your industry. Then you have the option of relying on other companies for clients and suppliers, creating strategic connections you may not have predicted.

Be mindful that in some industries, competition can hurt your company’s performance. If you’re a marketing firm in an area where there are already a lot of marketing agencies, you can struggle unless you specialize in something specific, like promoting women or businesses in the food industry.

Convenience for your staff

Your office must, of course, be accessible by bus, rail, tube, or tram. Employees who choose to ride their bikes should be able to get to the new location by bike as well. Check to see if it offers a bike park or is close to a docking station, as well as decent on-site amenities like showers and drying racks.

Tell personnel where the nearest parking spaces are if there isn’t one on the site.

Employee well-being is commonly accepted as critical. Consider proximity to cafés, bars, gyms, banks, and shops when considering location in regard to your employees’ basic needs. Take good care of their office belongings and get the best packing services Brooklyn.

Easy for the clients to get to

You want to make it easy for employees to get to your business, but what about customers? More remote office locations may be difficult to reach on Google Maps or by public transportation. If it’s difficult to locate, your company connections can suffer as a result. Compare the costs of a less expensive office in a more difficult-to-reach location to a more expensive office in a more business-friendly location.

The proper workplace space can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers.

Underground transport
Both employees and clients should have an easy access to the office premises

Being close to suppliers

You’ll want to be close to your suppliers if you rely on them for tangible products, especially those that aren’t generally available. Moving further away and keeping your existing supplier could be expensive in terms of higher delivery miles, so if that’s the case, it’s worth looking for someone closer to you.

Key factors shortlisted

  • If you need to relocate your office, search for a spot that is convenient for your clients and employees and hire trustworthy Brooklyn movers.
  • Consider the picture that your new office location will convey to your target market.
  • Renting a space can be made more expensive by taxes, laws, and regulations.
  • Office space can be made more inexpensive by business-friendly incentives.
  • Competition might be beneficial to your company’s growth.

If you need to choose for a new office, keep in mind that there are alternatives to the standard office. Always carry out a thorough inspection of any property and schedule a tour of the office to learn more about the potential benefits and how we can assist your company. Choosing the proper office can have a long-term impact on your company’s growth, so make a decision that is truly appropriate for you.