How to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers

Moving to Brooklyn is complicated. First, because every relocation is more or less complicated. Second, Brooklyn is New York’s borough. Hence, if NYC is complicated, the moving to it is complicated too. Third, and the most important, there are moving scams in Brooklyn. You must learn how to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers. Avoiding Brooklyn moving scams would help you avoid the most of other problems. When talking about the relocation to Kings County.

Why should we say that you’re problems-released if you hire a non-fraudulent mover? Well, because if you don’t avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers, that’s the biggest mistake you could ever make. You could lose all of your stuff, you could be forced to pay a large amount of money for your relocation etc. And having to undergo all of that, you’d see how difficult the start of your NYC life would be.

Avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers, don't ruin your relocation to Kings County
Don’t ruin your Brooklyn moving day, avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers

Things you should do in order to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers

We mentioned in the most of our articles about moving to Brooklyn that you should hire reliable and reputable Brooklyn movers. This is the single most important thing when your Brooklyn moving is about to take place. You’ll probably want to find professional help for your relocation to NYC. No matter what borough you’re moving to, you’re still moving to a metropolitan city. And when such a venture is being conducted, you must be aware of moving scams that appear there. And there are a lot of moving scams in Brooklyn, whether you hear that often or not. Many of tricked people never go publicly, so you haven’t heard for anywhere near the actual number of fraudulent or fake moving companies in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Movers New York are here to help you protect your move to Brooklyn you might want to escape. Therefore, we’re here to help you avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers. Here are some things you could do:

  • Get to know what moving companies are there in Brooklyn.- Prepare a list of all companies you would be happy to hire.
  • Check the background of every professional mover you’d potentially hire.In order to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers, you must be detailed!
  • Find out what services each of Brooklyn packers and movers provide, and ask for a moving estimate.- Get to know the list of services you’d be provided with, and how much they would cost.
  • Meet company’s representatives in your home, and demand a binding estimate.- Only the binding estimate guarantees you the actual price for the relocation.
  • Have a complete deal in written, signed by moving company’s official/s.- Verbal agreements are no worth.

Collecting Brooklyn moving companies

Make a list of at least 5 moving companies in Brooklyn

How do you make a list of potential Brooklyn movers to hire? Well, there are the most various ways. But there are some recommended resources. For example, if your family member, or a friend, moved to Brooklyn recently, you could ask them to recommend you a moving company to move you to Brooklyn. Being that they had an experience with moving to Brooklyn. And the experience of cooperation with some of the movers could be positive. That way you could shorten the rest of steps from our list. Next resource would be other people you could trust. Such as your acquaintances. Those could be the colleagues from your work or people you met somewhere else and feel they are trustworthy.

If there’s no one who can recommend you a moving company in Brooklyn, you must do the research by yourself. Search the web. Social networks are a good resource, being that there are plenty of comments directly on movers’ pages. Also, you could search in newspapers or search for commercials or ads. No matter what resource you use, it is good to have at least 5 moving companies on your list in the end.

Background check of Brooklyn movers

At the very beginning of your research for professional movers in Brooklyn, you must check for the most obvious evidence if they are connected to some kind of moving scam. First, check if every mover owns a license! Search for the local news, find the newspaper where they could appear, find out if there are some comments pointing out some fraud that someone was a victim of. It doesn’t matter what source you use, if there is any sign of a fraud, the mover from your list would appear. And, whatever the outcome of the story was, you don’t want to deal with someone who was at least claimed of a fraud. Because where there’s smoke, there’s a fire too!

The listing of moving services and the price

When you’re moving to New York, you want to save money. So check what each company estimates will be the cost for your relocation. And you don’t want to hire someone too expensive, right? Well, if you ask for the estimate, you’ll have a picture of how much the moving would cost if you hired each mover from your list. So you’ll remove the most expensive. What we suggest you also do is to remove the low-ball estimates. When you compare the prices, looking for affordable moving companies in Brooklyn, avoid that well-below the average price. That’s a red flag for a moving scam. And you want to avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers.

What else you want to do is to get a list of moving services each company would provide. And to get it in written, with the signature of an official representative. Having this information will help you unveil if there are hidden scams behind the price of Brooklyn movers. Just compare what are the offers with what are the prices. If two companies offer the same or similar price, with big differences in services they provide, you get the conclusion by yourself. There are moving companies charging you with extra money for each step they take. Claiming that those services are not in their ‘standard package’.

Demand an on-site inspection from all professionals for your Brooklyn move

It’s good to have a moving estimate you got by contacting Brooklyn movers you consider to hire. But how they guarantee you that’s the price you’ll pay in the end? That’s right, in no way. That’s why we suggest having an on-site inspection. That way the company visiting your home can know the actual size and the actual price for your relocation. Since they know all of that, you should demand a binding estimate or binding offer. That’s a final offer, with the actual price for your moving. And after you and company’s representatives sign it, it’s an official document you can use to protect yourself if the company ask for more money for no reason.

Everything you agree with the Brooklyn movers must be on a paper, or you can be tricked
Put on the paper the whole agreement with Brooklyn packers and movers, or face consequences of having a chance to be scammed

Because some movers in Brooklyn tell you a price over a phone that looks attractive to you. You hire them. And when the truck comes in front of your house, they ask for a significantly higher price than the one you agreed to. To avoid this kind of moving scams in Brooklyn it, get a binding offer!

If someone lies, the paper with the signature doesn’t!

Although we mentioned you want to have everything on the paper, we’ll repeat once again. Don’t trust anything until you see it on a paper! Whether we’re talking about moving services provided, moving insurance or the price for your Brooklyn moving. If someone says something, how can you know that is true? And would you let all your stuff go into a truck of someone you can’t be sure if he/she is telling a truth? That’s how the most of the people get their stuff held as a hostage by fraudulent movers in Brooklin. Being asked to pay a lot of money if they want their stuff back! Which appears to be a common moving scam in Brooklyn.

We mentioned here some of the most common moving scams and fake movers in Brooklyn. We also provided you with some recommended solutions how to escape them. In order to help you with moving to Brooklyn, we’re here for any question you might have! Brooklyn Movers New York will help you prevent and solve any problem connected to Brooklyn relocation!