How long does it take to plan a long distance move?

There are many factors to consider when you plan a long distance move. Most things you will have to do won’t be much different from moving locally. However, there will be no room for mistakes. This is why you should prepare in advance. Try to do your research and learn what’s the best type of moving service NYC has to offer.

aeroplane flying
Long distance moving requires a more serious approach.

When is the best time to plan long distance move?

When you plan a long distance move, the first thing you’ll want to consider is what time of year is best for the move. This might have not been the first thing off your mind, but other people’s experiences show that it matters. Maybe you or your family member just got a new job and your schedule is tight. If that’s the case you won’t have much choice. On the other hand, if you can, you’ll want to avoid summer and hot times of the year for the move. That’s when the traffic is the worst. Any of the moving companies Brooklyn offers will confirm this.

Packing carefully

Packing your boxes safely is especially important for long distance moving. All your items will spend more time in transport. This is why the risk of damaging something important is much higher. There is no need to worry if you plan long distance moves carefully. Contact long distance movers Brooklyn and ask them for some tips. Knowing how to pick a proper quality box will ensure your items stay safe.

stacked boxes
Ask the professionals about the best boxes.

Once you’ve established all that you need you will need to start packing. It will take many boxes and a lot of paper and duct tape. Ask a professional for tips on how to pack fragile and valuable items. Providing enough cushion and not leaving any open spaces inside the boxes is especially important for long distance movers Brooklyn.

Doing an inventory of your items and using labels will make the process much easier. Companies will usually ask you to label the boxes accordingly because that’s how they will know what goes where. It makes everything much easier when you plan a long distance move. This is especially important for commercial movers, but residential movers Brooklyn are no different.


Make sure all your documents are in order. Gather any important paperwork and store it safely inside a box or a suitcase. If it’s not too big, try to keep it with you during the moving day. Also, don’t forget to register your new address with the relevant services. Do this early to best plan a long distance move. This includes:

  • your employer
  • creditors
  • utility companies
  • post office (mail forwarding)

You’ll be all set once you sort these things out. Each step of the way may not take the same amount of time for everyone. It will usually take months for good preparation. The most important thing, though, is to understand the process. This way, you’ll know best what to expect when you plan a long distance move.