How long does it take to move locally in NYC

Local moving is one of the simpler types of moving, and the main facilitating thing is the small distance. This would mean simpler preparation, as well as easier work. Of course, depending on the amount and number of things you want to pack and move with you. New York City is a fast-paced and urban city, where crowds are a normal occurrence. And that’s why, if you’re moving to its territory, you’ll surely wonder how long it takes to move locally in NYC. There is no precise answer to this question, and even Brooklyn Movers New York can’t give it. But they can be of great help to you. So, the length of your local move can depend on many factors. And the move itself has several levels. So, in the rest of the text, we will introduce you to the essentials of your local move to NYC.

Move locally in NYC – All you need to know

We have already said that New York City is one of the more urban cities, where people are constantly on the move. This city has 8.38 million inhabitants, so you can often see crowds on the streets. The city is growing fast, and life in it is comfortable despite the big crowds. So, when we talk about local movers New York, we can say that you need luck to avoid getting stuck in traffic. But, it can also depend a lot on the selection of the day for the move. It would be best if your moving day is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday because the crowds are significantly less than on weekends.

streets of New York
NYC is one of the most populated cities in America, and you can often see crowds on the streets.

Also, each move has its own levels. Searching for moving company, organizing, packing process and etc. Moving isn’t only based on packing your suitcase, but a lot of work awaits you in this process. What is characteristic of every move is that it can be a very expensive experience, and they often say that it is a waste of time. Moves can last several months, but how long does local moving in NYC really take?

How long does it take to move locally in NYC?

The duration of a local move to NYC can depend on many factors. First of all, as we said, the selection of the moving day. Because it’s very likely that you might get stuck in a traffic jam with all your belongings. Stressful, isn’t it? That’s why you should carefully choose the time of your move. Also, the duration of the move may depend on whether you will hire residential movers New York or opt for a DIY move. A DIY move can be a real waste of time, while professional movers can move you in less than two months.

We said that moving consists of several levels, each of which has its own duration. For example, searching for a proven moving company can take 2-3 weeks. It takes time to get offers from the companies you requested a free moving quote from and compare them all. We suggest that you choose and hire a moving company that meets all your needs at least 5-6 weeks before your moving day. After that, a lot of work requires a certain amount of time.

How long does it take to prepare for a local move?

During the move, a lot of work is required. And for that, you will have to take time. That’s why preparations for a local move can take several days to 2-3 months, especially the paperwork you have to do. Depending on the time you have available and other private commitments. The tasks that await you in this period are:

  • Collect documents and financial records, bills, etc.
  • Collect medical records and kids’ school records.
  • Change address.
Movers packing for locally move in NYC
Professional movers can provide you with fast and easy local moving in NYC.

And when we talk about the general preparations for the move and the packing process, you will only need a couple of weeks to organize and sort your things, get packaging, make a packing plan, etc. So, moving service NYC in this period can be of great help to you. One of the useful things can be making an inventory list, with the help of which you will know the exact number of things you want to move with you. Just the process of making a list can take you a day or two.

Packing process

This is the process of moving that will last the longest. Because one of the longest processes is packing. Because you can’t just put things in boxes, it’s necessary for your things to be adequately packed. So, you need to pack properly for the move. Someone may tell you that using protective materials and properly packing things is a waste of time and money, but believe us, your things can be damaged very easily during transport. And that’s why this is one of the mandatory steps. And before that, it’s necessary to sort your things.

A person holding a clock
Packing is the most time-consuming process when you move locally in NYC.

What is also very important to say is how long the packing process can take. The duration of this process depends on whether you decide to pack yourself or hire professional movers. So, how much do you pack yourself? The plan is that you will need from 12 to 50 hours of work, depending on the number of things and the size of your home. When professional movers can do the job in just a few hours, 8 hours at most.

Move to your new home

Local moving is up to a distance of 50 miles. The way to your new home will also depend on your distance. So, when you move locally in NYC can take an average of two to three months, depending on the distance, the size of your home, and many other factors. It’s necessary to have a good organization in order not to waste time. Also, the moving company can offer you self storage New York services, which you can use during but after your move. Additional space in your new home can be of great benefit to you. Just like professional help during your locally moving to NYC.