Hiring professional movers vs. van lines

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of dilemmas. You will hear a lot of new terms that you are not sure what they even mean. You will start searching for the best option for your budget and that is when one of the main questions pop up. What is the difference between hiring professional movers vs. van lines? Which one should you hire? How can you tell the difference? And what are the befits of each of them? Moving is a stressful period in our lives and we are here to help. After all, if you want to make the best decision you should know all the facts.

Who are professional movers?

This is the first thing we need to discuss so you can make the best possible decision. When we say, professional movers, we think on a professional moving company that can cover all the aspects of your move. They have their trucks, their workers. They can pack your things, they can do all the things instead of you. Also, they have a unique name and they operate in a certain town and they can perform all types of move. And they can move you locally, long-distance or move your business. That is one of the main differences when it comes to hiring professional movers vs. van lines. When you are hiring professional movers, you get what you see. Also, by hiring them you will avoid a lot of moving mistakes.

a man laying out plans on a table
Professional movers will lay out a plan for your move

What exactly means van lines?

Well, let’s explain it like this. When you choose to hire van lines, it means that you will write and talk to a certain company. That company is usually a pretty big company. And this is what you need to know when moving so you can know what you are choosing. You will hire them, talk about the price with them. But when the moving day comes, they will send you another smaller company that operates in that certain area. That company will have a different name, and they will the one the ones who are actually moving you.

What is the difference when hiring professional movers vs. van lines?

As you can see, the main difference is in the size of the companies. Professional movers are basically a single company that works alone and can provide you with a range of services. They are more personal, we can freely say. On the other hand, van lines are big companies that are working with a lot of small companies that work in different areas. They can also give you all the services you need. They can move you locally, long-distance but they are also great when it comes to international moving. And, they have a lot more experience and they can assist you better.

green lawn and road
You need to understand the difference between professional movers and van lines

Why you should choose professional movers?

If you are wondering why you should choose professional movers, well the answer depends on your needs. If you are moving locally, or just changing towns that are relatively close there is no need to hire van lines. And, if you are just moving your office from Brooklyn to Manhattan, there is no need to hire that big company like van lines. So if your decision is between hiring professional movers vs. van lines you should definitely choose professional movers.

They are a smaller company, therefore you can negotiate a price with them. Also, they can offer you different discounts and various options. Hiring professional movers is a much more personal experience. Since they operate in the same area for years, they know it perfectly. They know all the shortcuts, secrets and they can give you some advice. Also, professional movers are a lot more flexible and you can set up your move on a shorter notice.

Why you should choose the van lines?

Well, the reason behind this is pretty simple. You need to choose them if you are moving internationally. If you are expanding your business internationally, you want someone with the experience. You should be moving your business with ease and completely stress-free. They have all the knowledge needed for a move of this size. They know all the laws and regulations regarding an international move. Also, if you are moving interstate and you have a big business or you live in a big home and you want to have it done in one move – choosing van lines is the best idea.

This is one of the main differences when you are making the decision between hiring professional movers vs. van lines. Van lines are just a better choice since they will provide you with the whole network of movers. You will get someone compatible with all of your needs and requirements. You will be in contact with more than one person, and there is a possibility that it will cost you a little bit more. But hiring van lines will save you money in the long run.

Decision time

So, after reading all of this, you need to make a decision. As we mentioned, it all depends on your needs and requirements. It is not very logical to hire van lines if you are moving just one block away. On the other hand, if you are going to a different country a small local moving company can’t help you much. You will need experts and therefore you will need van lines. The main thing that you need to understand is that there is no simple one is better than the other. Both of this movers are good in their field of work, and they can help you in different situations.

a checklist for Hiring professional movers vs. van lines
Make a list and decide upon it

So, you need to sit down, put all of your requirements on paper as well as your budget. Check online reviews, ask your friends and family do they have a recommendation. And after you take all the factors into consideration – make the decision. After all, it is only up to you. Whatever choice you make, it needs to fit all of your needs.