How to find decent pool table movers in New York?

Moving day is getting closer and you’re planning ahead all the details for the big day. Good for you! Amongst all the variety of belongings that you have to relocate, in your case there is one particularly sturdy and bulky – your beloved pool table. We reckon you have made up your mind and realized that taking on a laborious task such as moving a pool table by yourself is not the greatest idea. For starters, it weighs a tone. Literally, one part of it is actually made out of a rock. Then, in order to move it, you need to disassemble it. And taking it apart is not exactly a LEGO-like activity. That’s why we strongly recommend hiring pool table movers, such as Big Apple Movers NYC. If you’re still having second thoughts, let us explain in details what it means to move a pool table!

Why you shouldn’t move a pool table by yourself

Since you already own a billiard table, this can only mean one thing – you really love playing this game. It must have been an investment in your free time. Maybe you use it as an awesome excuse to spend some quality time with your friends. On the other hand, it can be a great way of being alone with your thoughts, sharpening your focus or, if you’re a bit ambitious, perfecting your skills. Be that as it, now that you’re moving – you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your pool table on the way to your new home, now would you? Playing pool may be all fun and games, but moving it is far from it. Don’t believe us? Just keep on reading.

Pool table movers truck.
Let moving specialists take care of everything for you.

You may be tempted to take on a DIY approach, but there are some serious consequences and possible scenarios you should take into consideration. And of course, do everything in your power to avoid them.

You can damage your pool table.

A pool table is a complicated bulky object made out of different bits and pieces. Calling your buddies and trying to lift it on your own is definitely a huge no. Not only is it a risk for the table, but for your physical health as well, which is, you will agree with us on this one, much more important. Taking it apart yourself also isn’t advisable since some parts could be lost in the process and by the power of Murphy law –  you won’t find them in the store in your new area. It’s all about simplifying the process and not making it worse from the very beginning.

You will need the proper equipment.

In order for you to remove pockets and the felt from the slate and all other pool table-related procedures you will need a power drill, a staple puller, safety goggles, a flat head screwdriver and much, much more. These are all accessories to be found in your toolbox you probably haven’t used in a while. Or ever, for that matter. Quite frankly, there is a huge probability you don’t even own a toolbox.

Pool table movers work desk.
Leaving everything to the professionals might be the best idea.

You have to have it reassembled.

If disassembly sounds like the easy part (and believe us, it isn’t), how about putting it all back together? This unneeded hassle can be nerve-wracking, especially if you haven’t properly labeled all the components of the table. So now you’re probably irritated and nervous and you just want your pool table the way it used to be.

Why risking damage to your valuable item when you can simply contact pool table movers? Do the sensible thing and rely on them. It is their specialty.

What does a moving expert do when moving your pool table?

One of the most common errors people make when thinking about moving a pool table is how to twist it and turn it so it can fit through a door, a narrow hallway or flights of stairs. This could turn out to be a fatal mistake. An expert moving company such as Big Apple Movers NYC knows that relocating a pool table means muscle power and some serious disassembly skills. A professional company leaves at your disposition handy individuals with a years-long experience which stretches out from robust pieces of furniture to complex entertainment objects such as pool tables. They have done it hundreds of times. Removing pockets, slates and rails is their bread and butter. Most importantly, they know this way the pool table is more manageable and so they avoid any chance of getting injured or damaging your precious cargo.

Man playing billiard.
Playing billiard might be fun, but transferring pool table should be left to professional pool table movers.

Detail-oriented and skilled professionals will know exactly how to handle your pool table. After all, it is their specialty. They will not just adequately take your pool table apart, pack it with care, transport it and deliver it safely to your new address. Rest assured your movers can help you unpack it as well and give you a hand with leveling the table.

However, we insist you should bear in mind all the different issues that can occur when extra precautions are not taken to ensure the ease of moving. Warping the surface, breaking or misplacing a component, a body injury – these are just some of the possible implications of not contacting and hiring pool table movers with moving billiard tables.

Keep calm and let pool table movers take care of everything

Wouldn’t it be a reasonable thing to do to avoid all this tricky business and just have your peace of mind? Pool table movers will handle billiard tables and will provide you with an impeccable service. If money is what worries you, just have a look at these tricks on how to find affordable movers in NYC. We strive to make it all work out for you just fine. All you need to do is think of the best place for anchoring your pool table and focus on your technique. The rest should be left to professionals. So you can play a nice relaxing game of pocket billiards without the stress.