A European guide for moving to Brooklyn

If you are coming from Europe, you are used to a certain lifestyle. A  centuries-old architecture along with a spectacular history and iconic landmarks was part of your everyday life. Accordingly, your standards and expectations are pretty high. Can Brooklyn meet those expectations? Let’s find out. Take a look at our European guide for moving to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn today

Brooklyn is one of New York City’s fastest growing and changing boroughs. It has been going through a rapid transformation in the past decade. As it’s industry base has grown to incorporate innovative technology ventures, Brooklyn’s diversity, population, and employment opportunities have expanded. This borough sits on the western end of Long Island. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge connects it to Manhattan. Do not let the old rumors about Brooklyn being dangerous mess with your head. That is an ancient history. This thriving urban area has become a home to many newcomers. Young couples, college grads, new families, businessmen, dreamers, graduate students, artists of all kinds, restaurateurs, and people from New Jersey have all been relocating to this borough recently, adding to its diversity and culture.

Moving brings you cold but beautiful winter in Brooklyn.
Cold but beautiful winter in Brooklyn.

Everything will seem oversized

The size will be a shock for you when moving to Brooklyn from Europe. Buildings are higher and the streets are wider. Drinks and meals are twice as bigger and all products can be found in big, family packages, even the medications. Try to adopt only good habits.

Enjoy the backyards and rooftops

Incredible views from rooftops are one of the Brooklyn symbols. No matter the time of the year or the weather, rooftops are where the party is at. Restaurants, bars, private rooftops, you will enjoy it all. The waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park has breathtaking views of Manhattan skyline. It is also the perfect spot for a weekend picnic in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. What is specific about this borough is that almost every house and apartment has some form of shared open space, which you cannot find in the rest of NYC.

Enjoy the open spaces recreation when relocating to Brooklyn.
Enjoy the open space recreation.

Bring a book for the train

Although the connection with Manhattan and other boroughs is excellent, you will probably spend some time in the trains. Learning the lines, streets systems and station names will take some time. But be patient and do not hesitate to ask locals for help. It can help you socializing after moving to Brooklyn. Also, try to use the time spending on trains productively. You can read some professional literature or a novel, such as: ”A tree grows in Brooklyn”.

A European guide for moving to Brooklyn takes you on a tour

Wondering what is so special about this borough? Here are a few reasons for looking forward to your relocation to Brooklyn.

  • Art is everywhere. Coming from Europe, you probably cannot imagine your life without it, even if you are not a fan. And if you are one, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music and St. Ann’s Warehouse will blow your mind.
Art is everywhere around you in Brooklyn.
Art is everywhere around you.
  • The beaches are just a subway ride away. Brooklyn has beachfront property at Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Coney Island, also known as American playground is home to the Cyclone (the legendary wooden roller coaster) and amusement park, the New York Aquarium and beautiful Atlantic beaches. Especially if you are moving to Brooklyn with your family, you will appreciate those easy weekend gateways. Also, you should explore the top family neighborhoods in Brooklyn.
Take a spin on Coney Island Cyclone, when moving to Brooklyn.
Take a spin on Coney Island Cyclone.
  • Wide but not crowded parks. The most famous one is definitely the Prospect Park. With its wideness and natural beauty, it brings also a huge assortment of rock, indie, soul, jazz and rap artists for outdoor concerts. Do not miss the park’s Ravine, known as the last forest in Brooklyn, the lake and the wide open spaces of grass in the Long Meadow. Fort Greene in Clinton Hill,  the Coney Island Boardwalk, the Waterfront in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), and Red Hook all offer beautiful open spaces with plenty of activities.
  • Free culture events during all year. First Saturdays free in Brooklyn Museum, the West Indian American Labor Day Parade, and the Mermaid Parade are just some of them.
  • European guide for moving to Brooklyn represents – Wash & Fold Laundromats. This is one more thing very different than Europe. Why pay $20 for someone to simply place your clothing into the washer, when you can do it yourself? But when you try it for the first time and see how perfectly folded they are, you will maybe change your mind. And the best of all is more time for yourself.

Those are just some of the reasons to live in Brooklyn. You will certainly find a few more by your own taste.


This is a very charming trend you will meet when living in Brooklyn. Small family bookstores and organic grocery stores are everywhere. Almost all days a week, you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits in farmers markets.

Health can be a luxury

Hopefully, you will not need this information, but if you do, be careful. Every insurance has treatments that cover and does not cover. Unfortunately, once you go to the doctor, you need to sign the paper that says that if some medical costs are not covered by your insurance, you will pay them yourself. So try to be informed, before you get to this situation. In Europe, these things are pretty clear. Try to think ahead and avoid unpleasant surprises, when relocating to Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle

The Brooklyn tech triangle comprising of  DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has become a center for arts and technology. It became famous around the world and it brings innovations in green tech, wireless research, and game development. If you are looking for a new job here or moving your own company, this is a good place to attract global attention.

Plan your moving patiently and thoroughly. Try to figure out all the things you could do before you move to Brooklyn. Make a solid plan today so you can enjoy spontaneously tomorrow. Like all beginnings, this one is going to be hard as well. Moving to Brooklyn from Europe will seem as moving to a different planet. You will definitely be outside of your comfort zone for a while. But, that is where the magic happens. Brooklyn is waiting for you.