Essential packing supplies for your Brooklyn move

As we all know, moving can be a really stressful process. There are several things that you can do to make it easier for yourself. Gathering essential packing supplies for your Brooklyn move is one of those things. Brooklyn movers have prepared some in-depth tips regarding this topic so be sure to follow them. When it comes to moving, being prepared and having a plan is of the utmost importance. Before you even start packing you need to collect the supplies so that you don’t fall behind on your moving schedule.

Having packing supplies for your Brooklyn move starts with finding the right moving boxes

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the boxes. Choosing the right set of boxes will not only save you the time (and thus money)for packing but also for moving and unpacking as well. There are many types of boxes that you can get – you need to see which ones fit you the most. First, you need to decide the following:

  • Will you be renting plastic boxes for your move?
  • Will you be buying cardboard boxes?
  • Will you be looking for free boxes?

Your decision will greatly impact how easy or difficult your moving process will be. In case you don’t think you can handle it by yourself, you should hire a professional. Packing supplies Brooklyn always points out that, although you may think that you can save money by doing everything yourself, sometimes it’s the opposite – your time has value and that value is money. Sometimes it’s much cheaper to hire a professional to do the packing than to do it yourself. 

A man ducttaping a moving box
One of the essential moving supplies for your Brooklyn move is the moving boxes

Renting plastic boxes pros and cons

Many are not aware but you can actually rent these boxes for a decent price. The main advantage is the fact that they are sturdier, easy to assemble, and once you are done with your move you can just return it. The downside is the price of course – for a set of let’s say 20 boxes, it will cost you around 80$ on average. These figures vary greatly so we advise you to do some research before you decide.

Buying cardboard boxes can be a right move

Most people decide to buy cardboard boxes. They are considered one of the essential packing materials for your Brooklyn relocation. Basically, what you want to do is to get around 70% of medium-sized ones. The remaining 30% should be larger and smaller boxes. We are sure that you will need them for something – that’s why we advise you to buy a few extra as well. It’s much easier to do everything when it comes to packing and moving when you have enough boxes.

Go on a search for free boxes

Some people don’t want to spend money on boxes. That’s fine because you can actually find many of those just lying around. And no, you don’t need to dive into a dumpster to find one – the easiest way to get them is to visit the local stores, especially clothing stores. You can simply ask the workers do they have any boxes to spare and we guarantee that some of the stores will be more than happy to empty their warehouses by giving you boxes.

A couple wrapping items and thinking about the essential moving supplies for your Brooklyn move
You don’t want something to break during your move – be sure to acquire packing supplies for your Brooklyn move and wrap all fragile items!

Finding the correct wrapping supplies

When it comes to wrapping supplies, they are a must when it comes to all sorts of packing. You should off by getting some packing tape. You will need those for sealing and building boxes so these are crucial. Get some packing paper as well – you will need it for fragile items. Be sure to wrap all the fragile items in packing paper. If you are items are super fragile and if you are moving long distance, best movers New York advise you to get some bubble cushioning as well. You should wrap the paper first and apply bubble cushioning after. In this way, your things will be safe for transport. You should also get those little plastic sandwich bags because there will be some very small items that can be lost in a box.

Labeling is very important for your Brooklyn move

Once you have packed everything, the next move is to label it. The main idea is to put all the things from one room into one set of boxes and unpack it into your new room. In this way, you will be able to unpack with ease. In order to do so, labeling is the key. If your boxes contain items of one sort (let’s say “clothes from Mary’s room) then you can just write that down. However, if you have boxes that have many kinds of things, place several labels on them marking the type of things that are in them. In this way, you will know what’s inside before you start unpacking.

Owning a proper toolset is advisable

We can’t conclude our list of essential packing supplies for your Brooklyn move without mentioning how important proper tools are. You might need them for many things when you move – you might need to unscrew something or disable a piece of furniture. If you have some delicate items, like a piano, piano movers Brooklyn are there to help you. However, for smaller things, like a lamp or a table, we think you can do it yourself – you just need to get the proper tools. If you don’t have any consider shopping online since these basic toolsets are rather cheap nowadays.

many tools
You need the right tools to dissemble and assemble some of the items

Final thoughts on what essential packing supplies for your Brooklyn move you might need

As we have mentioned, making a solid plan and getting prepared is the key to every successful move. However, we also advise you not to overstress yourself. Make a list of essential packing supplies for your Brooklyn move and stick to it. Keep it simple and keep count of every item from the list. We are sure that everything will go smoothly and that you will soon be in your new home.