Downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green – the ultimate guide

Nowadays, more and more companies are downsizing their offices. If you’re looking for the ultimate guide on downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green, the best movers Brooklyn decided to help you with this. Downsizing working spaces became popular when many people started working remotely, mostly due to the pandemic. Naturally, this led to massive downsizing of office spaces. Now, downsizing your office can be a bit exhausting, but with a proper plan and a bit of patience, creating a new, smaller office will be a piece of cake!

Downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green and talking to your team

Like in most businesses, communication is the key. Downsizing requires a lot of micromanagement, as well as teamwork. The first thing you should do is talk with your team and see what they expect from a new office layout. Do they need more space, or do they want to replace specific equipment? Their needs will mostly depend on the type of job your company does.  Some of the most common changes include open space concepts, where the office will look much bigger. Studies have shown that a specific workspace layout can boost creativity and productivity levels, so consider that before downsizing your office.

A man making a plan on downsizing his office
If you make a to-do list, there is a minimal chance you will forget anything.

Decluttering can help you downsize your office. Our Fort Greene movers advise you to only move the things that you’ll truly need in your new office. You probably have some unused or damaged furniture that only takes up free space and does not serve its purpose. Items like that should be thrown out or given to someone else. There are a few options on what to do with your declutter, and those include:

Keeping items
Fixing items
Selling or donating belongings
Storing items
Throw away items

Downsizing your office by removing certain areas

When it comes to removing certain “areas” or whole blocks or rooms, you’ll have to be careful when deciding which ones to remove. If you’re too strict and remove any room where your workers relax, that can be an issue. If your workers have ergonomic furniture and big screens in their office, and you want to remove all that, that can be troublesome. If you plan on downsizing your office during the work week, consider letting your employees work from home or at least have a flexible schedule. The most common example is two days from home and three from the office. By doing so, you will be able to coordinate downsizing without interfering with your employees’ work.

Having a clear vision of your new office layout

You should have a clear plan of what you want your new office space to look like when downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green with the help of or with the help of local movers Brooklyn NY. With the advancements in design, you can make it look like it more spacious, light, etc. We’ve mentioned open spaces, and with ceiling works, paint, lights, and windows, you can make it look even bigger than the last one. That will require the work of professionals, so consider hiring some interior designers to help you do this. You can also use the internet to find inspiration for your new office layout. The most popular style that big corporations use to demonstrate power is contemporary and industrial styles; which are one of the most popular nowadays.

A desk with a monitor
This new office design should be simple and have enough sunlight.

Consider hiring professionals when downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green

If you hire professionals when downsizing, the process will be easy, the move is faster and more reliable, and with no damage done to your items. Whether you’re moving interstate, or outer state, using professional moving services can be very beneficial. You can put your office-related furniture in storage if you don’t know how you’ll implement them in your new office. Your belongings can stay there for months, and you won’t have to worry about them since they will be in safe and secured storage units. You can take them out of our storage whenever you feel like it!

Now you should also think about pianos, fine art, etc. If you have any of these, they’re difficult to move and require a lot of attention and care. Moving delicate or bulky furniture can be challenging, and hiring movers is advisable. Our professionals have the correct equipment and years of experience, so trusting them with your belongings will not lead to any damage to your belongings. With Williamsburg movers, you’ll see how easy moving can be. We’ll pack your desks, chairs, and TVs in no time, and you’ll be right in your new office. Also, professional movers can help you disassemble and reassemble furniture and other items in your new workspace.

Man and woman packing boxes in a van while downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green;
Hiring professional movers is always a good idea, especially if you’re in a hurry.

How to downsize your office with ease

As you know, moving and downsizing aren’t easy, but they come hand in hand. Downsizing your office can be both fun and exhausting. However, creating more space is necessary if you are working in a cramped office, especially if you are not working alone. The key to downsizing your office from Williamsburg to Fort Green is having a clear vision of what you want but also being realistic. If you need help relocating, feel free to contact us and get the best quality moving services! Good luck, and we wish you a pleasant relocation to the city of New York!