Your life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn

So, you’re moving to the Big Apple with your best friend, yes? Well, prepare for some mess on the way… Moving, in general, tends to get stressful. If you’re a pet owner, the nerve-wrecking part of the move simply doubles. Yes, your dog may be a sweetheart. And yes, it may be endlessly obedient. However, relocating to New York isn’t only a change for you, but, for your pet, too. So, be sure to stay informed about all sorts of things in order for your life with your dog to be great after moving to Brooklyn.

dog hand NYC friendly
Be sure to adjust your life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn accordingly.

First and foremost, for a good life with your dog in Brooklyn, know the law…

Before moving to Brooklyn, read the breed-specific legislation

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If you will be buying your dog after moving to Brooklyn, read about the breed bans.

The most troublesome thing in a move with a pet, after all the unexpected messes, is probably the law. We know what that means. If you want your life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn to be both comfortable and legal, you need to spend a few hours online. Well, luckily, we’ve decided to make this part of the equation easier on you. Let us first tell you that there are a number of dog breeds banned in the whole city of New York. In fact, there are 27 of them. Since 2009, including English Mastiff, Akita Inu and American Pit Bull Terrier. If you own or plan to own any of these, you might have to re-think moving to Brooklyn for a while.

After moving to New York, you should read up on the essential laws

After you’ve read about dog breeds, there’s still more to learn. There are some other important laws you should be aware of, too. In order to have a comfortable life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn, you should:

  • Have a license for your pooch – When outside, your dog must have the license tag with an expiration date clearly displayed on its collar. Don’t worry, you can easily obtain a license via Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
  • Take your dog to the vet for its rabies vaccine – For a great life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn, be sure to get it vaccinated regularly. In NYC, all dogs need to receive the rabies vaccine after they are 4 months old. Groomers, playgroups and dog runs often ask for proof of this vaccine. So, be sure to get it done in order to have a good life with your pooch in NYC.
  • Know that your leash shouldn’t be over 6ft – You need to keep your dog on a leash at all times. If not, you may get charged with a hefty fine, which will definitely damage your comfortable life with your dog. However, if you can have your pooch running free for a while. After moving to Brooklyn, try some of these options:
    dog running free Brooklyn
    If you want to have your dog running loose after moving to Brooklyn, there’s an option!
  • Not tether your dog – There is actually a law here, forbidding you from tethering your dog. In more detail: form more than three hours in a twelve hour period. We doubt that you would, but be sure that you don’t tie your dog down. Especially with any kind of heavy chains or pinch collars, as they can result in a fine.
  • Bring a baggie – If you’ve done some research about NYC, you will know this. This city was the first big city to have a canine waste law. So, yes, they can charge you a fine, around 250$. So, for a comfortable life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn, bring a poop bag with you!

Another thing you should know if you want a good life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn is the transport…

According to the New York City health department, which issues dog licenses, there are 500,000 dogs in the city. So, here’s a question, how do they get around? Well, there are a number of ways you can travel with your dog after moving to Brooklyn

  • Your car – if you’ve decided on tacking the NYC traffic with your car, you needn’t read any further! Your pooch will always have a great option for transport.
  • Uber or Lyft – Both of these companies technically allow pets on board, however, you should always check with the driver. Be sure, for a comfortable life with your dog after moving to Brooklyn, to have a carrier or a blanket with you. Keeping the driver’s car clean will make him more inclined to accept the dog in the car.
  • Taxi – most NYC taxis let dogs into their vehicle, as long as they are behaved. Our advice is, keep your pooch clearly in sight when hailing a cab. This will prevent uncomfortable miscommunication.

    dog black shy
    Make sure that your dog is calm during transportation after moving to Brooklyn
  • NYC Ferries and NYC Water Taxis – mostly, dogs can board both if they are service dogs or if they are small breeds in a carrier. However, be sure to check online or by telephone before making the trip.
  • NYC Busses and NYC Subways – definitely the cheapest mode of transportation for your dog, but, it does get a bit challenging. So, pooches can go on busses and subways. But, they must be in their carriers and can’t be a nuisance to other passengers. While this may be an easy feat with a little Chihuahua, a St. Bernard might prove a bit challenging…
  • Dog taxi – if there’s one thing which is great about moving to Brooklyn with your dog, it might be this. There is a service which will take you and your pooch anywhere. They use small vans, specialized for these jobs. If you’ve got a sick puppy or planning a longer trip, this might just be the way. Your vet or Google will provide you with plenty of options for these companies
  • Pet ambulance – if it’s an emergency, a pet ambulance might prove the most comfortable way of transport for your dog after moving to Brooklyn. Ambuvet is probably the most famous one. So, we suggest looking them up online.

Now, we hope to have given you some ideas on how to have a great and comfortable life with your pet after moving to Brooklyn!