Different types of moving boxes and their use

When moving to a new place, nothing is more important than having the right packing supplies, especially moving boxes. They need to be undamaged and sturdy enough to keep all of your items safe during transportation to the new address. However, finding boxes of the highest quality won’t be enough – you will also need to know what kind to get because there are many different types of moving boxes. Worry not, this guide will inform you about this matter. Read on to learn what kind of moving boxes NYC you will need for your upcoming relocation.

Why is it important to use different types of moving boxes?

We are sure you all are asking the same question – Is it really that important to have different types of moving boxes? Well, it really is! Different types are designed for different uses. By using them the right way, for the items they are made, you will ensure the safety of your belongings during the relocation. Of course, you don’t have to gather all of the types we’ve mentioned in this article, but you should at least read about them just to get an idea of how to pack properly for the move. Remember, packing items the right way is a must for having a successful and problem-free move.

Different types of moving boxes
To ensure the safety of your items during the move, use packing materials properly

Types of moving boxes and their use

In the following text, you will learn what kind of boxes you can get for your upcoming relocation. Keep in mind that Brooklyn movers can help you with this matter if you are not sure which ones to get.

Cardboard Boxes

You can’t move to another place without cardboard boxes. They are the most popular packing material that people use for relocations. Cardboard boxes can be used for transporting various items and they also come in different sizes. They can be:

  • Small (12 to 14 inches) – Perfect for heavy and small items. You can use them for breakables, too.
  • Medium (14 to 18 inches) – The most commonly used type of boxes. You can use them for packing most of your household items, just make sure to avoid overpacking them.
  • Large (18 to 24 inches) – Ideal for lightweight items, such as toys, clothes, pillows, toilet paper, etc. Don’t overpack them because you won’t be able to lift them. Wardrobe boxes are in this group and you can use them both for moving your clothing to a new home or for placing some of your pieces in storage Brooklyn.

Plastic Boxes

If you need to transport important documentation or papers, consider placing them in plastic bins. Plastic bins will be able to protect them from bad weather, as well as other factors that could put them in jeopardy. These containers are also perfect for people who want to go green and have an eco-friendly move since they are reusable.

Person holding a leaf
Opt for plastic bins if you want to make your relocation greener

If being environmentally friendly matters to you, you’ll also want to look into recycling programs in the area. Cardboard and plastic are both recyclable so you can get rid of leftover supplies and protect the environment at the same time.

Wooden crates

Wooden crates are the last of the types of moving boxes we will cover. They are necessary for packing heavy items and transporting them to a new place safely. They are mostly used for large valuables that can’t be disassembled and packed in smaller containers. In addition to this, they are mostly used for shipping items over long distances. This is because¬†they can provide the extra protection fragile items need.