Different kinds of moving estimates

When you intend to move, you need to research and plan everything. If you live in Brooklyn, investigate all the moving companies that can assist you. First of all, you need to find a trustworthy and reliable company so you can be sure that the job will be well done. Find the best moving estimate and moving quotes Brooklyn because that way you can get the best offer for moving that you need. If the moving quote or estimate is good, you don’t need to worry or be under stress on a moving day. If you don’t know what different kinds of moving estimates exist, here is some explanation.

Girl sitting by the laptop and looking at it, researching.
You can research the different kinds of moving estimates to see what is right for you.

What is the difference between a quote and an estimate?

In general, quote and estimate are similar, in either way you get an evaluation. Sometimes people treat these two words like the same thing. If you call and ask either for a quote or estimate, everyone will understand what you meant. If you want to be sure, this is the difference:

  • Moving quote – this is just a slightly different type of the general moving estimate. Used for long distance moving, moving quotes are based on weight and it is an agreed fixed price.
  • Moving estimate – they use them in local moving and they base it on hourly rates. The price may change.

Different kinds of moving estimates

The three types:

  • Non-binding estimate
  • Binding estimate
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate

Non-binding estimate

The word itself describes what kind of estimate this is. This estimate is not bound to any contract. We can say that this is a basic estimate you can get any time from, and it’s generally free of charge. This kind of estimate is a harsh evaluation of the weight and the cost of the move. So, if you want this kind, you can call a moving company or send an email, and ask for a rough estimate. Be aware that if you get like this, the predicted cost can be lower or higher than it said. That is because a moving company can’t know until the moving day comes what is a real situation. This is not the best option, because if you didn’t measure right and didn’t give the right information to them, unexpected expenses can appear.

Binding estimate

The binding estimate is one bound by a contract. This is the better option to choose, but of course, it could be a more expensive estimate to get. What is the difference from the non-binding one? In this case, you have an agreement with the moving company on the cost of the shipment you want. The price is fixed and cannot be more expensive, but if it is the lower weight, you will still pay the agreed price in the contract. Sometimes the problem can occur if the estimated weight is higher than you reported, you could pay some penalties.

Different kinds of moving estimates require different contract. Hand sings contract.
A binding estimate is the one with the contract; if you can, choose this one.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate

This kind is maybe the best one, but it is more popular with long-distance moving than the local ones. In this contract, the price is fixed also. If you have more weight to move to Brooklyn NY than estimated, the price still stays the same. But the best part is that if the weight of the shipment is lower than said, you will pay less! 

Consult the experts – they know all the different kinds of moving estimates

Professional movers Brooklyn can give you a free estimate any time you want. Every company can give you a detailed explanation of different kinds of moving estimates. So, if you like better to speak with someone in person and choose with them what kind of estimate is best for you, you can always contact the professionals in their workplace. The information you get from them is the one that is best for you!