Differences Between Residential and Commercial Moving

In almost everyone’s life comes a time when you have to move. Whether you are moving to a new house or a new office, a new town or a different country – it is stressful and very demanding. You probably haven’t thought a lot about the types of moving. There is a lot of differences between residential and commercial moving. These two are primary moving types in the large competitive market and here you can see the main differences between them and decide what kind you need if you are moving.

Residential moving

Market demand for residential moving or home moving is as large as it is for commercial moving. Residential moving companies help people to move their homes and families. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can decide to move or hire a moving company to do this for you. There are movers that are specialized only for residential moving. Moving demands a lot of preparation if you want to do this as stress-free as possible. Movers offer different kinds of services that are helpful for residential or home moving. 

man carries boxes
One of the many differences between residential and commercial moving are items you want to move

Reliable moving companies respect every individual client and try to help you in the way you need. When you are planning to move, do your research of movers thoroughly. Choose a moving company that has great reviews of previous customers. This way you can’t be wrong.

Because home relocations are more often than commercial ones, you will see that there are a lot more movers specialized for residential moving. 

Long-distance moving

There is also a difference between near and long-distance moving as there are differences between residential and commercial moving. Hire movers if you are moving long-distance because it requires more planning and experience. You can not just drive back to your old house if you forgot something. You can also rent a large moving trailer if you can pack everything at once. 

Packing and unpacking services

A large part of relocation is packing and unpacking your furniture and stuff. Once you moved, you have to start unpacking and this could take a while. This lasts the longest, particularly if you don’t have needed experience. If your budget allows you to pay for this service, you will save a lot of time and energy. Movers who offer these services can estimate the time they need to pack up your whole apartment or house. Contact your moving company to get advice, because most of them have a good customer service center.

Boxes with office materials
Do the inventory list before you start to pack, especially if you are moving your office.

Every move is different and everyone has their own desires and goals.

When it comes to the main differences between residential and commercial moving budget is first in line. People have more choices when they are relocating to a new home. They usually ask their friends or family members to help them in order to save some money, especially if they have a tight budget,

If you don’t have too much furniture or belongings and you are relocating often, you will probably do this on your own. There is a lot of residential moving companies and they are a great help for moving with family.

Commercial moving

Differences between residential and commercial moving are basically the expertise required for commercial moving. Commercial moving is in fact any office moving or entire business relocation. The main purpose of commercial moving companies is to relocate everything as fast as possible so your daily business doesn’t suffer.

This is a very complicated task so as you can imagine, there is a smaller number of moving companies than residential ones. 

Box with label with care
The best solution when you are moving your business is to hire a moving company to transport any sensitive items

Commercial moving companies are dealing with both small businesses and larger ones with heavy equipment or machinery. This is not something you can do on your own. Moving a business demands more planning than usual. Beside moving computers, furniture, and other office materials, movers will advise you how to make an efficient plan.

Key differences between residential and commercial moving

Residential moving is usually finished as soon as your belongings arrive at a new place. Will you pay for unpacking service or not, is another thing. But commercial moving includes also installing your equipment and larger office furniture. Every good and reliable moving company will help you with this job.

One of the differences between residential and commercial moving is that usually there is a lot more electrical equipment that has to be transported carefully. When you start to explore moving companies you will learn that not all of them guarantee you safe transport. Be sure that you check with your movers their conditions regarding this matter.

Commercial moving can also mean moving a gallery, wine cellar or anything similar, with delicate items. This is something very demanding that requires special equipment or means of transport. When you are packing your business offices with this type of items you have to do it in a particular way so you avoid potential breakage and damages.

Beside delicate and breakable items, you have large bulky equipment and furniture. A moving company offers special packing and transportation. For example, pool tables, pianos, hot tubs and etc. You can’t just ask some friend to help you carry this. There are certain aids to load and transfer to a moving truck that movers use.

Bottom line is that you have to consider what is best for your business. Hiring a commercial moving company gives you the best chance to avoid any loss of business on a daily basis. Also, it will be a great help to pack and remember what you have to do before and when you move. Include your employees in the moving process so it is easier and stress-free. When everybody works like a well-oiled machine, it is good for business.